Sunday, August 29, 2010

Worship Our King!

Sitting in this same hospital room for more than 48 hours now. Listening to the most beautiful worship music on on-line Pandora Radio. The kids have gone for another walk around the hospital.

The God we serve is amazing and never disappoints as we listen for His voice and allow His plan to be walked out. Little Katie Bell is still inside her mommy's tummy despite the fact that doctors say she needs to come out. They are keeping a close eye on her and amazingly she has grown in just the past 2 days. Her heart is beating beautifully.

Melissa is finally making some small progress, c-section is a last resort and as Katie Bell continues to stay healthy we will stay on course.

Worship has been ringing through this room as prayers are lifted up and Jesus is revealing Himself in new ways.

Peace has definitely filled our spirits and God's grace abounds.

Hospital staff have been super and the kids have been taken care of well.

Updates will come as things progress and change.

Considering Worship With Great Joy,

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