Sunday, August 29, 2010

Here's the Latest

So, we have now been here at CRMC for 60 hours ~ Yikees!!!

Melissa is being a trooper but everybody is super duper tired.

Melissa has had 4 rounds of gel, 2 - 12 hour cervidil treatments and 8 1/2 of pit drip at 20.

No changes!

Doctors do not want to take Katie via C-section unless it is absolutely necessary - which at this point Katie is doing beautifully and it is NOT necessary.

For those of you that may not be aware - Melissa has Aortic stenosis and has had two heart surgeries. Doctors don't believe surgery is in her best interest with other medical issues present.

The baby is not growing well inside mommy's tummy but her heart is great and they are watching her most every minute.

Right now they have taken Melissa off Pit and are allowing her to eat, walk and will play on the big ball to help activate better contractions.

If all goes well they will put her back on Pit and things will progress during the night. (Prayerfully) We have spent time together in prayer and thank you for your prayers!!

I will try to update during the night!

Considering God's Purpose for this Process with Joy,

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