Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mini Vacation pt 2...In Pictures

Mini Vacation 2010

Here is where my mini vacation began in earnest
Sitting on the porch swing...

Looking at views like this

Virginia Lakes

Mark and I sanding mom's picnic table
And then repainted it
(The wind was blowing like crazy
I just banded my hair up in several places
Loved no make up or hair fixin' for 5 days:)

Historic Mono County Courthouse
Judges Chambers where both of our boys
had their adoptions finalized
Very Special Memories

Historic Cain House
Mark's Grandparents lived here
Now it is a Beautiful Bed and Breakfast
Main Street ~~ Hwy 395

The Virginia Lakes Market

Family Photo

Isn't Mark's mom adorable
She is 86 and healthier than the rest of us:)

Mark just refinished the house sign
he made many years ago

The whole town of Bridgeport
from Mark's mom's back yard
Not a very big place
About 500 year round residents

I could post all 55 pictures but will spare you.

Now I will go clean my camera, recharge the battery
and prepare for an early birth date.

Please pray as we just got word that our granddaughter
will be born in the next couple of days.
Baby Katie Bell is not thriving in her mommy's tummy
and the doctors plan on inducing her within 48-72 hours

It is a month early
She only weighs about 4 pounds
Her tummy and head are not growing

I have watched God do miracles numerous times in my life
And we are believing for one now

Will you pray with us?
Considering It All Joy,


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