Monday, August 30, 2010

Since there are Still NO baby pictures.......

8/26/10 6:31PM
The last family of '3' photo

8/26/10 6:33 PM
We ALL Love Katie

8/27/10 10:24 AM
Just three hours into induction
Watching A-team on the computer

8/27/10 11:24 AM
My sister and niece stopped by with Baby Elliana Faith
It is so fun for my sister and I to have grandbabies the same ages

8/28/10 5:40 PM
I ran home on afternoon 2 to get showered and rested
I beautiful double rainbow over outside my front door

8/29/10 6:11 AM
Kids watching and praying over the monitor
I believe they were willing it to show improvement

8/29/10 8:35 PM
Little Miss Kori Bug got to come see her parents
after three long days of missing them

8/29/10 1:52 PM
What every good, young, energetic Nana should do
Be a granny, sit by the bed and crochete:)
Still waiting
Considering God's Timing Perfect


  1. Oh my Cindy. At least every sounds to be in good spirits! Please know I'm praying for you and your family!
    Some day . . . some day indeed that little Girl will know just how much everyone loves her by learning this story of how everyone just waited. And waited. And waited.
    Big hugs! Karen

  2. So glad you all are uplifting each other and are together during this time. Waiting is hard...I love little Kori's talk on patience and all she will teach her little sister. Priceless. Praying for all of you today.

    Thanks for the update...Connie


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