Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Army Wives and Vacation

I would like to share something very special with you.

My friend Cindy Summers of Army Brats and Me will be featured in a very special edition of Army Wives Gives Back this Sunday, August 22, 2010 at 10 pm et/pt.

Cindy is a special woman, army wife and mom of three beautiful daughters who has over the past two years battled breast cancer and won. She has taken what she learned and lived through and is now helping other women who are facing the same trials. Cindy has started 'Cindy's Hope Chest' in an effort to Give Back!

I am honored to call Cindy Friend and hope you will stop by her blog, visit her foundation and watch Army Wives on Sunday night. You will be blessed by what you see.

And Now.................

Here is where I will be the next 5 days:

This is a truly special town on the Eastern Slopes of the High Sierra Mountains in California.
My husband was born in this quaint little town of about 500 people. My parents owned a restaurant there and it is where He and I met, fell in love and married more than 30 years ago. His mom still lives there and we are going for a visit.

Can you believe there are still little town's with NO stop signs on the main street all the way through town? Yep, it's were we are headed. Oh, it's half way between Mammoth Lakes and Lake Tahoe! Are ya' jealous ~ Ha ~ Beautiful!

We will be basking in beautiful weather, cooler temps, snow capped mountains, cold running streams, gorgeous lakes, tall pine trees and overall country that only God could create.

Our kiddos/grandbabies will be staying in our home as we are resting.

Just look at this beauty. Can't wait to share pictures when we arrive home:)

Enjoy while we are away. I'm sure you will all miss me So Much ~ HAHAHA!

Considering Visiting Cali with Super Great Joy,


  1. I am super excited! I have not seen it. I think it will be towards the end though. Once you start seeing Lifetime Gives Back or Yoplait you know it is coming. Love ya

  2. have a great time away~you DESERVE it!!!

  3. Have a wonderful time on your trip! Glad you are finally getting to visit. Can't wait to hear all about it and see your photos.


  4. Yes, I'm jealous of your vacation! lol

    Thanks for sharing about your friend Cindy.


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