Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Very First Award!

I am so excited! I received my very first bloggy award!
Thank you Liz~

Now, I have the pleasure of listing 10 things that make me happy ~ so here goes!

1 - God, and if you have read my blog at all lately, you will know why.

2 - My hubby, he is alive and we are near the 5 year anniversary of his kidney transplant.

3 - My boys, what joy they bring to my life.

4 - My granddaughter, if you have grandchildren, you know how much they make you happy.

5 - Our extended families, for so many different reasons.

6 - Scrapbooking!

7 - Walking in the morning and talking to God while the sun is just beginning to peak over the horizon.

8 - Going to work, I have so many hats to wear as the administrator for a pediatric office, my days are so varied and I get to be a part of such a variety of areas in medicine and healing.

9 - Spending time in God's word, soaking in His voice and knowing He is present.

10 - Blogging, every aspect of it is joyful. Writing, reading, praying and getting to know you. I just love it and it makes me happy.

I now have the joy of passing this award on to two very special people.

Jenny, who lives a life similar to mine when I was a young mom and shares such wonderful insights on raising a child with Special Considerations as well as her Money Monday and Thank You Thursday.

Grace, whom I call Ms Sunny, because every time I read her blog I receive encouragment or a good laugh. She lives in Sunny, CA and I believe that she is what makes Sunny a happy place.

Thank you to Liz ...AND... congratulations to Jenny and Grace~

Considering It All Joy,


  1. Thank you so kindly! I will treasure it and pass it on soon.


  2. Cindy,

    I made time today to visit some of your earlier posts! I am so blessed to have shared in just a small portion of your story. You are brave for putting it out there, unsure of how you would be received! I can hear the horror and pain in your words and wish I were able to see your face! I am drawn to your honesty and desire to grow as a woman and a person! You have a lot to offer those around you! Thank you for encouraging me! I will pray for you and your journey. Each day is new and different and that is usually when the unexpected happens! I hope that you continue to put words to your pain and wounds and that you will find a peace because of it.


  3. Congrats on your award!! You deserve it!

  4. So good to make a list! It's easy to articulate my complaints; I don't always so easily voice my thanks.

    Thankful for Sundays and rest this day!


  5. Congratulations on your award! And thanks for continuing to pray for me!

  6. Congrats Cindy...always enjoy stopping by! Have a ggood week.. Connie

  7. Congrats Cindy! It makes me happy that you make our Father happy by living out a real life so other woman can see the power of God at work!

  8. Thank so much for the award, Cindy! I loved your list of things that make you happy!

  9. RYC: Hi Cindy. I have no clue where the elephant fountain is located. I found the picture on a free site online and just fell in love. I LOVE to laugh.

  10. You are SO sweet, Cindy! Congratulations on your award! You deserve it so much! I consider it pure Joy every time I stop by and read your blog. You are one special lady!
    Angie xoxo

  11. Congratulations on your award. You have a beautiful blog and I enjoy visiting.


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