Friday, November 7, 2008

I Opened The Door!

On Tuesday morning my employer asked me to go to her home and wait for a delivery truck to pick up a chair and deliver 2 others. When I first walked into the house the chair to be returned was sitting right in front of the door. I left the door open, closed the screen and decided to just sit in the chair and wait. As I sat, waiting nearly 2 hours, the Lord began to speak to my heart. Today I am sharing a portion of what our conversation was like.

Sitting in this lonely chair in front of an open door yet closed off to the world, I wonder.

As I am feeling the coolness of a beautiful fall mornings' air, seeing the beauty in the peach colored roses that adorn the walkway and hear the sounds of birds happily carrying out their morning chores, I wonder. I smell the fragrance as the breeze flows across nature's blooms and enters the doorway, something is calling me to leave this lonely chair and join in falls delight.

But I'm afraid; there is safety in this fear, yet loneliness too. Have I held myself captive in this place so long that I find comfort in it? It is easy, simple and safe. Yet, there is a voice whispering my name and calling me from the outside while something inside is struggling to get out. What choice will I make? Today is the day.

There appears to be freedom and joy just beyond the door but what danger lies out there? I yearn to have joy, peace and the freedom of life. As I sit here, with every breath I desire to breathe in all of the sensations that are now just beyond my grasp. Pushing through the fear I stand. As if in slow motion I place one foot in front of the other and hesitantly walk toward the door. It is still safe, for the screen is closed and I continue to be protected. But I know it is now or never that I make the choice.

With quivering hands I reach for the screen door handle. Fear~! Turn the handle, open the door, breathe, Cindy, Breathe! My unsteady foot began to move forward, my heart beating strongly, my body trembling with uncertainty at the first step, off the threshold as if for the first time.

And now I stand, rejoicing in the beauty of God's creation, just beyond what moments before was safety. Looking back I know I will never return from where I came. There is such peace in this place, such comfort, such trust. Why have I hidden my heart from God with such passion? Today, it doesn't matter, because today HE HAS IT!

The passion I have used to protect myself has just multiplied and been transformed as God was given the key to the lock of my heart when I Opened The Door!

Considering It All Joy,


  1. Well this was a wonderful day to pick to peek into your world. Don't have a clue how I found you a while back. :) Wonderful post. All that we can imagine does not even begin to match up to what He will do--because He is ALWAYS in that future we imagine. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am so happy for you..I love these days! You are one precious child to our God. Keep seeking Him and encouraging me to do so as well! Love ya, Connie

  3. It can be scary to open your heart. It sounds like the Lord is doing good things in your life. Blessings to you.

  4. That was beautifull! What a blessing and what wonderfull thing it is to open your heart to Jesus. beautifull words from God.

  5. Hoo-ray for you! Taking the first steps in anything is usually one of the hardest parts. Now you can begin the dance...I've heard this joyful walk with Him described as dancing with God.

    I am so proud of you.

  6. I am glad a came by to visit. You are a wonderful support to me. Fighting cancer is scary but knowing that you are praying for me makes it seem a little easier.
    Your friend

  7. Beautiful! It takes courage to take those first steps but oh what freedom you'll be walking in. That was a great picture for each of us to learn from. Thanks!


  8. What an amazing post. You're quite the writer, friend! That's a blessing. You express things in such a way that it makes them seem POSSIBLE for the reader too. :)

    Thank you.

  9. Obedience is a beautiful gift!

    Cindy I know God loves you so much, and He adores and cherishes His relationship with you!

    Thank you for letting Him shine so bright through you.

    Love to you my friend!

  10. WOW!!! I'll just leave it at that. Love you, Lee

  11. How wonderful, Cindy! It sounds as if you are embarking on an awesome new journey with God. I look forward to hearing all about it!

  12. Praise God!

    Opening the door take just a twist of the hand but getting to the door takes the strength only God can give.

    You are on your way to seeing what obedience will bring in your life, because of your faith in Him.

  13. What a beautiful description. I'm so happy for you. God is loving on you, and holding you tight.


  14. Awesome for you!! It seems like such a risk to leave our life of comfort and "self-protection"--and maybe it is, but what reward!!

  15. I love being witness to your walk. What an encouragement you are. Remember you are not alone and you are loved!
    I awarded you Kreativ Blogger. Play if you like!

  16. Cindy,
    This was just absolutely beautiful. How He has moved on your heart. You will never be the same, my friend. I invited Him to open the emotions locked away in my heart years ago.... I have never been the same. I have been ruined for the ordinary. He is relentless in His pursuit of your heart....


  17. Cindy, you're so precious. What a great word.

  18. That is wonderful! I am so happy for you. I'm rejoicing with you.
    I love the picture of the door!

  19. What sweet thoughts of our Lord!! Love it!

  20. Cindy, this resonated within my heart. I have sat on that chair and am all too familiar with the safety of 'fear' and the comfort it brings simply because, albeit damaging, it is known and has become a strange friend. In some ways, it has even given identity.

    That first step is often the only one we need to take, as God than runs to us to carry us the rest of the way.

    So thankful He holds the keys,


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