Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's the middle of the night and I should be sound asleep in my nice cozy bed but here I am in blogland. I started coughing so I fixed myself a nice hot cup of water and am drinking it with a cough drop. Oh how I wish I liked tea!!!

I am working on the challenge Genny at MyCup2Your has posted based on the book she read entitled 'One Month To Live". This is not my actual post for the challenge but I thought I'd share some family times from this past week. Spending time with family is a must and I love every minute of it.

Kori learned how to ride her bike by herself today!

Kori helping put up a few fall decorations!

Andrew and his friend built a smoker and made some yummy smoked beef ribs and pork loin. They did get a little dark on the outside but the inside was great.

We had some friends over and I love this picture of Andrew getting tackled by the kids in one of our last swims of the summer season.

Today we went to Tempe Beach Park and enjoyed the Oktoberfest. We have lived in Phoenix for nearly 14 years and I've never been there before and it's only a 20minute drive. Oh, how sad. We had a great afternoon enjoying lots of yummy desserts like funnel cake and caramel apples.

These are just a few of the moments we spent together this week instead of watching TV or some other non important thing.

By the way, I am now only 19 days from my '50th' birthday AND I did book that trip to the Grand Canyon. Yes, again we have lived here nearly 14 years and NO my kids have never been there. It's only a few hours away ~ can you believe it? I have asked them to take time off work and we are going as a family in two weeks. What a wonderful birthday gift. I am so excited!

Good Night~My cough has subsided and I'm going to look at the inside of my eye lids.

Considering It All Joy,


  1. Love the pictures!! Thanks for sharing! Glad your cough got better!

  2. What an awesome week you had. Thanks for sharing.

    I have never been to the Grand Canyon either. I REALLY want to go. Maybe this year we will save the vacation days and drive our way across America.
    It would take us a while to get to the Grand Canyon from Georgia... but I really want to go... I've seen very little of the West.

    I am so glad you are getting to go.... What a great 50th birthday gift! You deserve it!


  3. Hey, Cindy! Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog! I do appreciate it :). Would love to hear what all your group is doing. If you still have my email, please let me know. Would love to be praying for you all as well.

    I LOVE funnel cakes!! Glad that tha fam had a great time!


  4. So great! Thanks so much for sharing. Miss you. Love, Anne

  5. Hoping you got some peaceful rest!

  6. I love a woman who loves her family. I've always struggled with spending quality time with my kids. I love 'em to pieces, but I need to show them more of my heart by spending more of my time with each one of them.

    Thanks for being a great mom! You inspire me to do the same.


  7. I'm just getting started on blogging, and our friend, Angela, tagged me. I don't know anyone, so I'm borrowing her friends to tag! So, I picked you! :) Visit my site for rules.

  8. I'm jealous your going to the Grand Canyon! Yea you!!!! Hope you are feeling better. Loved the pics. Thanks for sharing. You are going to have the coolest 50th birthday. Maybe that's when I'll go to the Grand Canyon too! Hmmmm - I like that thought.

  9. I love funnel cakes! That would have made my day! Oh--the Big 5-0 is coming soon! Sounds like you are going to make it memorable! Connie


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