Friday, October 10, 2008

"Churched" Review AND Giveaway!

This week I have had the privilege of reading and now reviewing the recently released book, Churched by Matthew Paul Turner.

From the first paragraph of the Prelude:

"The man's shoulder was inked with a tattoo of Jesus breathing fire out of his mouth, which I concluded to mean one of two things: the man was going to offer me the opportunity to be born again in the hot fumes of a fire-breathing Messiah or he planned to kill me and make it necessary for me to be born again."

To the last:

"Oh, I won't quote it ~ YOU have to read the book", I was intrigued with Matthew's wit and ability to draw the reader into his stories.

A timely, humorous and sensitive book where chapter after chapter offers a glimpse of a childhood rooted in a fundamental church where rules were made to be followed. It seems this was a place where fire and brimstone were preached in order to scare the Hell out of you. Yet, Matthew has relayed these stories in a way that I wish I was growing up with him.

I encourage you to read this book as Matthew takes you from fundamentalism to loving Jesus.

Thank you Matthew for allowing me to read and review your newest 'baby'. I am thankful for the opportunity and truly enjoyed the book. It is one of those books I will re-read time and again.

I even had the chance to read some of it to my granddaughter.
Look at that face, she loved it.

Now, your chance to win a copy. Just leave a comment anytime before Monday, October 13 at 4:00 PM. I will randomly draw one name and announce the winner Monday evening. Please make sure you leave some way for me to get ahold of you. Anybody can win ~ it will be a random drawing. I will put every name in a hat and my son will draw the winner!

Happy Reading!


  1. I have heard many good things about this book, some from other blogs. I would love to have a copy, but if I don't win it, I will buy it.

    Have a wonerful weekend.


  2. I actually bought the book this evening!!!I have read other books by Matthew and enjoy his blog! So excited about it I bought a second as a Christmas gift.I plan to have a quiet weekend and enjoy my new book :)

  3. I would LOVE a copy of the book!!

  4. I would love to win this book, I've heard so many great things about it.

  5. You've got my interest up! Thanks for this opportunity.
    I'm with Sallye, if I don't win, it will be on my what to buy list.

  6. I would love a copy! Are you just giving it away to people you know? Or people who found your blog on the "Churched" review website? :) email:

  7. Enter me please!! Since I have 4 Pk's, this seems awfully relevant..:))

  8. Thanks for praying with me last night!
    Love ya Cindy

  9. This book Title comes up more and more~ I guess I will have to get a copy and give it a read.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog tonight. Thank you for your compliments.

    The cyber stalker guy is 20 years old. I guess he has nothing more to do with his time. He began posting negative and nasty comments on my blog - that is why I went to comment moderation. Even after the moderation, he continued to send me hateful, bashing comments and each one was growing more personal. The last - he actually began making nasty comments about my six year old son. That was pretty much the last straw with me. We are not afraid of him, nor will we let him or his comments run our lives. If it gets right down to it, he really needs to mind his p's and q's. . . we are keeping very good records.

    Please pray for him . . . I have prayed for him although some days I find it really hard.

    Thank you again . . . now I need to catch up with the other bloggers.

  10. Thanks, Cindy! Throw me in the hat! My husband will roll his eyes if I bring another book into this house....I'm a little obsessed. ;)

  11. Thank you very much for your sweet comment and for the prayers for my husband.
    What an amazing story about your husband's transplant! How is your husband doing? I pray he is doing well. And what an awesome son to donate a kidney for his father...incredible.

    Thanks again and blessings to you and your family,

  12. I've stumbled upon your blog through Matthew's. I've been following his and his wife's blogs for quite some time now. I've come to the realization that I want this book yet have no money. (Oh the life of poor college student paying bills) Maybe I'll win? If I tell your son I'll give him candy will he pick me?

  13. hi - i came over from matthews blog to read your review. i am glad you liked it. i can't wait to read it. i havent bought it yet so i thought i would throw my name in your hat and hope that your son pulls my name!

    blessings ~

  14. Hey friend,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your words.

    I'd love to be entered into the drawing..

    Hope you're having a blessed weekend.


  15. How fun! Looks like a great book! Enter me!

  16. I would love to win a copy of the book...I have read your review and others and I think it sounds interesting and something that I can relate to, since I also grew up in a legalistic religion. God bless you and thank you for giving away a free book.

  17. Count me in.
    Thank you for your sweet comments every now and then to my blog. As I take time away, you will be missed.

  18. Looks like a great book! I grew up in a fundamentalist Christian home, also, and I rather enjoy looking back at the idiosyncracies and absurdities of my childhood, while at the same time appreciating the many lessons I learned.

  19. I found your blog from Matthew's blog. I enjoyed reading your review and am interested in reading the book!

  20. Sounds lika an amazing book. On a side's amazing how I come across blogs and web sights like yours. I was reading the "Stuff Christians Like" blog and I read about the book. There was a link there to Amazon to find info. on the book. Then on Amazon there was a link to your sight. Crazy huh?

  21. Believing and knowing nothing is more important than Him!


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