Friday, October 24, 2008

50 On My 50th

They say it's my Birthday so I'm gonna have a GREAT time! I have been celebrating all week. No tears here! Just joyous thanksgiving! I've been wondering how to share the celebration with my new blog friends and decided to share 50 people, places and things that are blessings in my life. And then...
Last year I started a new tradition. For my birthday, I give gifts to others. So, at the end of this post I'll explain what I am giving away to one or two of you!

Here is my 50 on my 50th!!

1. God ~ Father, Son and Holy Spirit ~ without whom there would be no reason to celebrate.
2. Mark ~ my husband who has faithfully stood by me through the darkest days and brightest moments of the past 28 years.
3. Andrew ~ The oldest of our two adopted boys ~ he brings life and movement to my heart.
4. Matthew ~ Our littlest miracle ~ he puts a smile on my face.
5. Kori ~ What can I say ~ she is my only grand child and I love her.
6. My mom ~ without whom I would not have life.
7. All of my family near and far ~ I just love you all to pieces.
8. The Grand Canyon ~ beautiful ~ peaceful.
9. My job and employer.
10. Our new little church.
11. Trees ~ I wish we had more in Arizona.
12. My home is almost paid off and in this economy, that's important.
13. Two cars fully paid off.
14. Rainbows.
15. A voice to share God's love.
16. My digital camera ~ a clean lens would be a good idea!
17. The Golden Spoon ~ frozen yogurt.
18. Red.
19. Military Personnel.
20. My piano and music.
21. Scrapbooking.
22. Tootsie Rolls.
23. My Bible(s) ~ they all have so much of life in them.
24. Electricity.
25. Silk Jammies.
26. My own pillow.
27. My scale ~ because today it reads 35 pounds lighter than last year ~ 25 to go.
28. Robbie ~ my hairdresser of 10 years.
29. Christian Radio.
30. Cindy, Adrianna and Emaly ~ Another story for another post.
31. Nothing Bundt Cakes!
32. Autumn and the colors God creates.
33. Pumpkins spice bread.
34. Apothecary Shop and FedEx ~ I never had to drive downtown to gets Mark's meds.
35. Beautiful journals.
36. My Utmost to His Highest.
37. Ice Cream ~ Dreyers Vanilla Bean.
38. Being alive at this time in history.
39. Running water.
40. Garbage day ~ get it out of here.
41. Roses.
42. Bees ~ pollination.
43. Hummingbirds ~ aren't they just the cutest little things?
44. Beaches ~ both the movie and the real thing.
45. Sunrises and sunsets in Arizona.
46. My computer ~ Duh!
47. A clean and uncluttered home ~ what peace it brings.
48. My I-pod.
49. Long walks on a beautiful fall morning.
50. Of course, my new bloggy friends.

As I sit here and type I realize my list could continue forever ~ It is so wonderful to be grateful for all things.

And now........ the giveaway!

I have a brand new, still in box, leather bound book by Charles Capps: God's Creative Power! I actually have a couple and have read mine several times. It is a beautiful book of scriptures.

How do you win? Leave an 'encouraging word' and tell me something that you are grateful for. I will randomly choose one name before my post on Tuesday morning and announce the winner with my 'Behind Those Eyes' post. If there are enough people I will also give away a brand new Brighton Book Mark.

Thank you for sharing in my Birthday Celebration! You are a treasure in my life and I am so thankful to get to know you ~ I hope some of us can meet in person some day. If you are ever in Arizona ~ let me know and I will make every effort to welcome you here!

Be Blessed My Friends.

Considering It ALL JOY!!


  1. Happy Birthday, sweet Cindy! What a nice way to celebrate your big day... You are thinking of others. I am thankful for you, today and for all of the lives you have touched in these past 50 years! I wish we could go to The Golden Spoon and get some frozen yogurt with Tootsie Rolls on top, and take it to the edge of the Grand Canyon together and take pictures with your very clean lens of God's beautiful creation. I'd also take a picture of you... such a beautiful woman of God. We would read what Oswald Chambers wrote today... October 24th... 'We are to God the fragrance of Christ..,' (2 Corinthians 2:15) We are encompassed with the sweet aroma of Jesus, and wherever we go we are a wonderful refreshment to God." That's you, Cindy! Have the best day!
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

  2. I don't know why it says that...but it's true... You know it was me, right? :)

  3. Happy Birthday, what a great way to celebrate your birthday. May you have many more years ( I was going to say another 50 but I don't want to be on this earth that long) of sharing God's love and your friendship with the rest of us. Your words and comments over th3e last 5 weeks have been very insightful and uplifting.

  4. Happy Birthday to you! I want to wish you a lifetime of happiness!

    I'm thankful for my blogging friends too! There are so many times when I read a comment or post and it blesses my heart!

    You have such a sweet heart!

    God bless you!

  5. Happy Birthday!!

    I love your list! So many items on it that we take for granted. Good for you for truly counting your blessings and what you're thankful for. You are such an inspiration to me and I'm sure countless others!

  6. Happy Birthday, Cindy! I hope you have an awesome day. Our weather here in Arkansas right now is incredible, so I hope it's as gorgeous there as it is here. I plan on getting out later with Jeb and Estella Dru and trying to get a few more good pictures. (Belle is in school.) I hope you're planning on doing something crazy... you need to go get your strawberries and creme drink from Starbucks! Who cares about calories????!!!

    Have an awesome day!


  7. Dear Heavenly Father thank You so much for sharing with us one of Your most beautiful daughters, Cindy. You are one GREAT and AWESOME God and have done some mighty things through her. We feel so blessed to have her in our lives-Amen

    Happy Birthday Cindy!

  8. Happy Birthday, Cindy! What a fun post to read. I loved your list, and all the little detials, like the hummingbird and a walk on a fall morning!

    Especially this month, as I've gone through "My One Month", I'm grateful for my family. So, so grateful.

  9. Cindy,

    I'm pretty new to blogging and am thoroughly thankful for the friends I'm meeting through it as well as the encouragement I receive. God is good!

    I just read your post and enjoyed hearing all the things, great and small, that you are thankful for. It's important to have that attitude which, at times, I don't. So, again, thank you for the reminder.

    Happy 50th!

  10. Happy Birthday! I turned 40 in March and it has been great! I think women are like wine and we get better with age! (other than those darn wrinkles!) But I am liking life. I love your attitude with 50 and hope I continue to have a good one too!

    Put me in the drawing! I'd love to win.

  11. I hope you are having a fantastic birthday!! May the year ahead be filled with joy and blessings. Thanks for sharing your list with us - it's a great way to commemorate all the great gifts God has given you.

    I'll give you a big holler when I'm out that way. Think you'll hear me!!??

  12. Happy Birthday Cindy!

    What a beautiful way to celebrate your very special day! Your list was precious and made me smile as I related to many of your blessings.

    I'm thankful for so many things...more than anything for the peace of Christ amidst times that are anything but peaceful, a wonderful husband and a precious son, both of whom love the Lord.

    I just might have to start your birthday tradition myself. You are a blessing to me and so many others here. What a heart you have! I pray God's richest blessings in the year ahead!


  13. Hi Cindy, Just want to say welcome to 50-Land! It is wonderful & surprisingly liberating in so many ways. I am 53 & would not trade my years for anything. i especially DO NOT want to go back to my 20's, no, no! So happy Birthday & enjoy the ride!

  14. Happy Birthday! I'm thankful for so many things! I'm thankful that you stopped by my blog, so I could then come to find yours. I look forward to reading more. I'm thankful for my family, and I'm so thankful that we serve a loving, faithful God.

    I enjoyed reading your list!


    Thanks for sharing your '50' list - really enjoyed reading your heart through all your wrote. I've always given out gifts on my birthday too - "Un-birthday" gifts - such fun!

    I'm thankful for the gifts God has given me. Praying you'll continue to unwrap His gifts for you all year.


  16. Happy Birthday....I came by one day and wished you an early one... hope it is good....

    50 is the year of Jubilee. I wonder what Jubilee you will experience this year. I believe I've had mine and now enter 51.

    Have a blessed day,

  17. Happy b'day (one day late) from your new AZ buddy.

    Be expecting an email from me today.

    What am I thankful for? My blogging friends who are truly becoming sisters.

    Love, Lee

  18. Happy, Happy! What a wonderful list of blessings! YOu are a beautiful lady!Sorry I'm late!

  19. I don't remember how I found your blog but I had to jump in when I saw this post, 50 on my 50th. Of course not remembering is one of the more fun things about turning 50. (I just joined the 50 club this past summer). I LOVE thankful/grateful lists. I am so thankful for the blogging world which God has used to encourage me, bless me, teach me, lift me and bring much laughter into my life. And this morning, I'm thankful for a warm home as its hovering around 30 degrees. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  20. Happy 50th! Love the post. I'd love the book. Sounds like you turned your 50 into a very special time. Blessings girl!

  21. Happy Birthday! I love the list....what a great idea. I'm gonna steal that for my 50th in December! What a celebration and it should be... Connie

  22. Your book choice by Capps is one of my favorite books. I find I am going back to some of the classics in these troubled times in our nation. I just discovered your blog. I will return. I particularly enjoyed your Grand Canyon pictures ... Wow!!!

    50 is just beginning to live vibrantly. I'm 64 and I have found these past 14 years to be ones that I have had new freedoms to thrive. Happy Birthday...belated.


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