Wednesday, September 3, 2008


While I am working on my next post I thought I would share a family photo taken on Labor Day. We had the pleasure of hosting 16 of our family members for a Labor day BBQ and swim party. We don't often get to spend time together so this was very special. Mom was even able to come for the day.

This photo was taken AFTER we all went swimming so we may seem a little
wild haired but we had fun. I sure love my family and the support they have been through some very difficult days.

To those family members who live out of state ~ WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!


  1. Thanks for lifting me up!As I am being surrounding all these stong Godly women I am already feeling better. Thank you for you words. I am fight this cancer with all I have.

  2. Sweet family. Thanks for sharing!


  3. What a great make memories and enjoy moments with your family!


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