Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lessons In Life!

In the very early stages of our marriage my husband and I quickly learned that conceiving and holding a pregnancy was probably not in the plan for our lives. After two years of the infertility saga we 'let go' and decided to listen to the voice of our Father and adopt. Within a couple of months we received our first foster child (a beautiful 2 year old) who became our first son. Two years later we received our second son (a special 4 month old). God chose for us two wonderful boys who had very difficult beginnings in life.

Today, Matthew our youngest, receives habilitation (therapy sessions teaching him life skills). Fortunately, because he is over 18 years, I have the priviledge of being his habilitation worker. I actually get paid to 'be his mom' in a way. For 60 hours each month I teach him how to live in this world. We just set new goals for the next year. Managing his money and checkbook, running a kitchen and doing the grocery shopping.
Because of his Radial Ulnar Synostosis (a deformaty of his arms) he has never learned to use a knife. This is quite the challenge when attempting to do any cooking. For the past few weeks we have been working on this area. We eat alot of fresh vegetables around our home so cutting is a mandatory part of our preparation of dinner. 'We did it'! We tackled the knife and we won!!!

Here are a few pictures of his first real meal. It tasted just as yummy as it looked too!!

As I reflect on the lessons I have been apart of teaching him I am reminded that my Father through the Holy Spirit is my habilitation worker. He teaches me the skills I need to bring glory to Him through this life He has blessed me with.

"But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you". John 14:26

Though these words were spoken by Jesus more than 2000 years ago, I believe they hold true today. We have a counselor, a teacher, who lives within us today, teaching us lessons of life!

He may not be teaching us how to use a knife but how not to cut with our words. He may not be teaching us to prepare vegetables to eat but how to eat from His Word. He may not be teaching us how to set a table but how to bring others to the table He is preparing for us in Heaven.

The Holy Spirit within me teaches me daily the value of life and to look at things with eternal perspective. Yes, today I am grateful that Matthew can use a knife but I am more grateful that he has the opportunity to hear the voice of God and be stirred to learn more lessons in life than I could ever teach him.

Considering It All Joy!


  1. Kudos for Matthew learning to use a knife! And that meal does look quite lovely. Y'all are welcome to come cook in my kitchen anytime!

  2. I'm glad I have Jesus as my habilitation worker, because I could definately use some! I need parenting habilitation; my sons are trying my last bit of patience lately.

    Congrats to your boy conquering another hurdle! I'm a special education teacher, and it brings me so much joy to see any of my students climb a mountain they thought was insurmountable!

  3. What a blessing! I've found that God teaches me so much through being a parent. Fortunately, He is a much better teacher than I am and infinitely more patient! Congrats on helping your son conquer a difficult task!

  4. Cindy, These are beautiful words written. Thank you for sharing more of your life. It blesses!


  5. Okay, I had to return to share with you what I just read in a daily devotional book I ready daily. September 23, 2008. Enjoy the power to love others. "It can be difficult to grasp the idea of the 'law of liberty,' because law and liberty seem to be worlds apart: A law says one thing, while liberty says another. I believe the law of liberty spoken of in James 1:25 refers to the freedom of self-control, because God puts a new heart in us that wants to obey His law of love. With this new heart that Jesus gave you, you have the ability to be led of the Spirit, who gives you the power and freedom to love others. Enjoy your day by allowing the Lord to love others through you." Joyce Meyer

  6. Cindy what a beautiful application of being Jesus!

    All things are possible!

  7. Thanks for sharing this sweet story and also relating it to God's word. A wonderful analogy. Great job.

  8. I need some habilitation too. I loved this post. I need to learn to not cut with my words. Thank you for this great picture, so I can remember He is our great counselor. I love how you have the ability to see God in your life and be able to share it with your sisters in Christ! I'm so happy your son is learning. That meal looks amazing!
    Angie xoxo

  9. Hi Cindy,

    This was a beautiful story of success and determination! I, too have an adopted daughter. It was so touching to see how the Holy Spirit is working with us on our life skills! I am so glad I came by today to read this!

    Nice to meet you!

  10. Wonderful! This touched me in a personal way as I help guide my K...

  11. I'm perusing many things on your blog tonight and this post in particular has touched something deep within me.

    As I was tucking my little guy who has a special needs label attached to him from the outside world...I was thanking God for his extra affectionate ways. And then asking the Father to help me see when the road is difficult those silver linings in the clouds.

    You've clearly written about your silver linings in the circumstances and limitations that surround those you love. Thank you for the encouragement to keep on.


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