Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just for Fun!

Chalk Time!

Yep! Those are my legs covered in pink chalk!
What's a Nana to do?
Consider it all Joy!


  1. She's absolutely adorable!!! (Don't be concerned about 'pink legs'. Mine are still 'white' even after this gorgeous summer!)

  2. Hey, sweet photos.

    This is my fist visit here. Trying to be a better blogger.

    I luv writing with chalk too!!



  3. Those are definitely beautiful "Nana legs"...way to live in the moment!

  4. Apparently, a nana is to enjoy the moment, as you just did.

    I read a few of your previous posts, and will be visiting again. What a transparent, faith-filled person you are. Thanks for visiting my blog, too.

    Also, we don't usually have cheap movies. :) We were at a small town theater which runs the movies a month or two behind their original release dates. Very neat old theater, though.

  5. Maybe Nana could add polka dots!

    Max says "Of course I was good at Gramma's..."

  6. She is a cutie! Love your pink legs...what a fun mom you are.


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