Sunday, September 27, 2015

Searching For Fall

Hi Sweet Friends,

First I would like to thank each of you
For your comments, prayers, texts
Private messages, emails and phone calls
On my last post
I have no understanding of how this will turn out
But I do thank my God for Prayers and Encouraging words
 I'll keep you updated if anything major happens

For Now
I'm just searching for Fall
I worked in my garage and yard some today
But it was 106 degrees and far too hot
To accomplish much at all
It's supposed to be 102-108 all week long

Yet, I still wanted to attempt to get a bit of fall started

I've had these little straw dolls for a few years
I think I can definitely get another year out of them
They are so cute and make me smile

Last week I planted some new Vinca's
I'm hoping that as fall takes hold, 
The flowers will really begin to bloom out
I think they will look great 
With the bits of fall I have places by the front door

I decided to keep the front door simple
I love this cross and it just adds a tiny bit of color to my door

So, these are the bits of fall I added to my front walkway
It's not much but when it's 106 outside
It difficult to really get into 'fall' decor

A couple of years ago 
I came home and found this funny 
 Little ducky sitting in my empty planter
I later found out that my sister brought it over
It always makes me smile
And smiles are what I'm looking for
While searching for fall in the desert southwest

Find JOY in the simple things this week
I know I Will be Seeking JOY


  1. Cindy, I think you front door looks very welcoming. Those are sure cute little figures..Happy Fall to you..Judy

  2. I think the little straw dolls look so cute lined up next to your walkway, Cindy! I'm sure that working on some Fall decorating, even in this insufferable heat, is exactly what you needed to keep your mind and heart from spinning out of control.

    I'm keeping you and your family in my prayers, sweet friend.

  3. Dear Cindy, thoughts and prayers have been lifted for you all weekend and will continue. So love your fall porch and entry. Your door looks beautiful with the fall cross. The sweet walkway is so welcoming as your family and guests walk up to your door. Your sister's sweet surprise is so cute in the flower pot. I sure hope your temps cool down a bit, but you sure accomplished a lot in spite of the heat.
    Have a beautiful week my friend and sending you BIG HUGS!
    Blessings, cm

  4. Good morning, Cindy. I'm enjoying the photos of your Fall decor. Thank you for sharing them. Love the beautiful cross on your front screen door, too. I can't tell from looking at your walkway if you live in a condo or townhouse or a large house. Whatever it is, everything looks very inviting. I was in Phoenix a week ago and went to Sweet Salvage. I was fortunate that the temperatures had mellowed for a few days. But the heat still got to me by early afternoon.

    Take care,
    Marrianna in Flagstaff

  5. Hi Cindy,
    It was so good to connect with you and I am continuing to pray for you and Matthew on this new journey.
    Love all your fall. Your front entry is so inviting and pretty for fall. Have a good week my friend.

  6. Hi sweet friend, Love all your fall decor! Those temps sound so hot though; I'm liking the feeling of fall here. Got to go read your last post as I missed it.
    Hugs and prayers.

  7. Cindy, your fall decor is adorable! Here's to finding joy in the simple things!

  8. Oh my goodness it is hot by you! Your decorations looks so pretty. I just read your last both have a hard path in front of you. What came to my mind is that you just love him as you did before he told you. Acceptance will be a longer path for you. But is you just love him you both will come through this as close as you are now. You don't have to give up your beliefs to love him. Take care and this will be a struggle, but one I know you will work out.

  9. It looks pretty and inviting.
    I know what you mean in regards to the heat. By this time of year, I am completely reluctant, until there is a change in weather, and the same goes for the blog. xoox Su

  10. Fun little touches Cindy! Vinca is one of my favorite summer annuals. It surely holds up to the heat! The little ducky is so cute!

  11. Your walkway is so cute, Cindy. LOVE the cross on your door!
    I've had you in my heart these past few days. God is good...all the time.
    Love to you.

  12. Cindy,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

    Love how pretty that front of your home looks!! Very festive for Fall!!



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