Thursday, September 17, 2015

What I've Been Doing

Hi Sweet Friends,

It's been a busy season in my life
If any of you work in the medical field
You know that ICD-10 is only days away
Enough Said :)

I haven't had much time to decorate for fall
Or even read blogs
However, I thought I'd share a few photos from the past week

This is a very sad photo
My nephew lived in this beautiful Ahwatukee 
neighborhood for many years
However, the homes are being torn down over the next few weeks
To make way for a freeway
This is all that was left of the beautiful corner home

In the same neighborhood I spotted this beautiful gate

And this one as well
So thankful these homes aren't being torn down
The diversity of the gates
Is a clear view of the diversity of the desert Southwest

Happy Mail arrived the other day
Every time I receive an order from Celeste
I am giddy over the beauty of her packages

It's like receiving a gift in the mail from a dear friend

Everything about her shop/items
Is beautifully designed and 
Created with love

This vintage thread spool
Turned sweet Fall decor piece
Is no exception
I Love it

And it will add personality and beauty
To the many other pieces I will use as I begin to decorate for fall

Thursday is my happiest day
As I get to spend time loving on and playing with this
Precious K~Baby
Whom, by the way
Doesn't want to be called baby, she's growing up too fast

May you have a beautiful weekend ahead
Find Joy in the Simple Things
I think I will be locked into an ICD-10 book



  1. I love those courtyard gates.
    I saved the one from my last home, for the same reason. Uniqueness of them...
    I hope he was compensated well for his home, and that his next home is just as special or if not more so.

    xoxo Su

  2. That is a very nice gift package you received, and you certainly deserve all of those pretties! That K-Baby is so cute!

  3. Hi Cindy,
    Those gates are so gorgeous. Love the one with the climbing flowers. Celeste does the prettiest things. Love her pumpkins. Little Precious K Baby is so adorable.

  4. I thought that thread fall decor piece was nice that you bought it!
    Wish I had a grandbaby...mine is 12 yrs old.

  5. Hi Cindy, Oh sweet K Baby is so precious. I thought of you today being Thursday. Love the gates you share today. Both unique. So sorry about your nephews home and the neighborhood. Such a sad thing to see when roads go in.
    So sweet of you to share your vintage thread pumpkin. How nice it looks in your decorating for fall. I am thrilled it will live with you. Thank you for the mention. You are always so kind. Thank you also for the feedback. You truly bless me and your encouragement means more then I can say.

    Don't work too hard and enjoy your fall decorating.
    Blessings to you my friend. cm

  6. Those are such lovely gates and look inviting. Makes me want to see beyond. Children do grow up too fast. I was babysitting my "grandkids" tonight (actually my best friends but she shares them and they call me Nana Rose). They live 6 miles from me so I am babysitter often as Sue, my best friend since 1967 lives 3 hrs away. It seems like they were just born but now Brogan is 7 and his sister, Bella, is 4.
    I received the card today and it was so touching! That was so thoughtful! THANK YOU SO MUCH, CINDY!

  7. It is sad that the neighborhood is being taken away in the name of progress. I guess we have to have good roads but it's not fair that people lose their history in the process. Here in Texas the state will take away (or purchase) land for roads and sometimes it's family land that people have had for generations. It's disconcerting to me to see that.

    Your new Fall goodies for CM are fun! She is so talented and the sweetest lady. She lives pretty close to me and I'm hoping to meet soon. ;

    Enjoy your time with your precious K-baby. I'm not sure what ICD-10 is but every industry has their thing so I get it.

  8. It is always sad when lovely old homes are torn down, especially for building projects. Those are two beautiful gates in that neighborhood.

    Enjoy your little K-Baby/Girl. She is changing, I could see it in her still, sleeping, sweet face. No longer a baby.

    Happy Autumn to you ~ FlowerLady

  9. Oh, love the vintage thread spool turned Fall decor piece. Such a simple, sweet and pretty idea. Good luck with ICD-10 and have a wonderful weekend.


  10. Oh Cindy, how sad! I went home last weekend and saw many of our old buildings torn down. I love your packages. I especially love the spool of thread pumpkin. Cuuuute! I will have to visit her shop. That baby of yours with her baby is just precious! Melts my heart.

  11. Cindy, Not all change is good...I hate losing old building that maybe just need TLC. Those gates are so pretty. Makes you wish you could just take them home. LOL> Love you nice gifts. Bless your heart for your care giving...we love you people you know. xoxo,Susie

  12. Cindy, what a beautiful package from Celestina. She is such a sweet lady. (Not a Baby) K is beautiful. You are blessed in that department..Don't work too hard..Happy Weekend..Judy

  13. Love those beautiful gates. We do not see ones like that here in NEPA.
    Your grand daughter is darling!
    Thanks so much for your kind words about my great nephew's was quite a shock...


  14. Those gates are fabulous, Cindy. I love to see architectural details like these. So glad they won't be touched. Your fall acquisitions are delightful. I hope you have a good week. xo ~ Nancy


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