Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Black Monster

 Hi Sweet Friends

Because October is the Scary month
You know, Halloween, Monsters and such
I thought I'd introduce you to 
What I call
The Big Black Monster
Here She Is ...

Now she may not look that big to you
But she's 8 1/2 feet by 8 feet
My living room is only 12 by 17
With low 10 foot ceilings
She takes up almost the entire wall

About 10 years ago I found her at a consignment shop
Fell in love with her but couldn't afford her
Every week I'd check to see if she was on sale
After a couple of months
She went on sale and I drug my hubby to see her
I did a bit of sweet talking
And got a bit more of a discount
And she came home with us

I'd LOVE to paint her white
However, I think it would be lots of work
So - for now -
She's the Big Black Monster
And I still love her

Today was cleaning day around here
But I did get a little fall decor going

I added just a few neutral fall touches
Atop the Monster
And I am pleased

I found the brown/white transferware pitcher at Goodwill
Just a few dollars
It adds some much needed charm

This is the top of the Monster
Maybe I should call it The Mantel

I added a few pieces atop the hutch
Love the spool pumpkin that I purchased from Celeste

And my favorite #3
That I purchased from Sweet Salvage last year

Now, If you ever have wondered
Because, I'm sure it keeps you up at night
This is where I blog, and crochet
And watch TV almost every night

In the Big Black Chair
In front of the Big Black Monster
With my little broken laptop
Cell phone, remotes, bottle of water
And my feet up

Just in case you were wondering - LOL :)

Have yourself A Happy Weekend
Go out and Find JOY in the Simple Things


  1. The dark color probably makes it seem even larger. I am lucky mine is a golden oak with lovely carvings on it.

  2. Hi, Cindy. I have a giant armoire that was knick named "the beast" by the movers. It is almost 8 feet and 5 feet wide. I painted it linen gray using Annie Sloan paint. It sort of disappears now, and my ceiling is beamed and sloping in the room it is located. It took two cans and two coats. It took about a day to do it, because it dries super fast and covers well. I wouldn't use anything but AS chalk paint. I've tried three other kinds on different projects, and it is not the same quality. I would go with old white, not pure white, because the pure white seems to be for diluting other colors. Yours is bigger, so it might take 3 quart cans. I understand not wanting to take the plunge. It took me awhile to decide. xoxo Su

  3. I just looked at it again. You might also be able to take the two end bookcases to make one unit, if you have a space on another wall or room. Mine had matching book cases, and I put them together as a bookcase in the piano room. The armoire part is on the sleeping porch. Hope that makes sense. xoxo Su

  4. I think painting the dark color and leaving the natural wood would look nice. I liked Su's ideas too.

    Liked seeing your chair, now I can picture where you are when you blog.

    Have a lovely Sunday and a great week ~ FlowerLady

  5. I've seen the armoire Su is talking about. It's really beautiful. You're fortunate to have a hideaway for your TV. I like all your fall touches, Cindy. Lookin' good! Hugs, Nancy

  6. Oh Cindy I so wish I lived closer I would so be over there helping you paint that awesome cabinet. I love the look of it. It would be so awesome painted. Have a great week my friend.

  7. Cindy,
    Looking at the piece I am wondering if the two bookcases can be placed elsewhere in the room or are they attached? Your'e fortunate to have 10 foot high ceilings mine are 9 downstairs 8 upstairs but my living room is 15 X 21. Whatever you decide I hope you post on it. Your fall accents look lovely.
    Thank you Cindy for your visit and sweet comment. Enjoy a delightful week.

  8. I think the big black monster looks quite nice, Cindy! If you want to use the top as a mantel, then you should go ahead and do that....I see lots of people using shelves and tables tops in place of mantels that they don't have. I really like your touches of Fall! I hope this is the start of a good week for you!

  9. I like the idea of calling it a "mantle" is so hard to decorate around any TV. They take up too much room...I have thought about putting mine over the mantle, but I love to decorate my mantle...
    anyway... LOL!

  10. Cindy, That's a nice piece of furniture. I like the decorations you put out . I like that you have everything right where you want to relax. :):) Blessings for a brand new week, that is filled with love. xoxo,Susie

  11. Love that you have named it! You could give it a nicer name know like...Black Beauty! It is big but it serves the purpose and you love it---nothing else matters.

    Your chair looks super comfy, too.

    Hope you have a great night- xo Diana

  12. Hi Cindy, your TV and shelving unit is gorgeous. The lines and the design make it a awesome piece. Painted it would be beautiful too. Are the end shelves attached? If not, you could make them another unit together or separate in another room. I agree with Diana, it is a black beauty. I love black furniture but I could see this a creamy off white with a little distress and antiquing.
    Your leather chair where you relax, watch TV, crochet and blog looks so comfy.
    Have a great evening and good week ahead. Blessings, cm

  13. Love this beautiful piece!! Black is coming back into style so I say leave it as is and work around it!! I agree with the name Black Beauty!! And I love your comfy little space where you get to relax.....
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  14. Cindy, the beast is big, but you styled it so nicely! It would be gorgeous white, but keep it long enough and black will be hot, hot again!! lol! Love the little crochet thread pumpkin. I had plans of making one maybe for Thanksgiving. I saw the idea somewhere.

  15. Hi Cindy,
    Your fall decor is very nice. And your tv unit is great. So much storage and display areas. I kind of like it in black...But I think It would look great in a lighter color too. It's great that you have the option of changing the color of it...when you're ready, of course :-) Wishing you a nice evening.


  16. I've always heard that you need one large piece of furniture in a room. I too had a massive entertainment center until about a year ago. I'm glad we didn't have to move it. I now have a cottagey little white TV stand. It sure works in this apartment. I want that little brown transferware pitcher. Love it, love it, love it!

  17. It is a large piece and being two tones makes it probably appear larger. It is also a pretty piece...I'd paint it lighter which would lessen its size in a room. Su has a good idea... but its your room. Your transferware pitcher is so pretty, and charming.

  18. If you are comfortable then it's perfect! We had a huge armoire too but sold it when we moved. Now we have the big black monster meaning the flat screen TV. It was always fun to decorate in and on the armoire. I like what you did to yours. ;)

  19. Hey lady! What a cute post - I love that big wall unit- I can see why you had to have it! I love the two tones of black and wood.....I understand the whole "paint white" thing, too - either one works just great!

    Your leather "work" chair is awesome, it looks soooooo comfy!

    You did a fabulous job with your fall decorating, love love love it! Hugs! ♥

  20. Cindy, looks like a real comfy spot to me!. I really love the big monster. I am having a thing for black furniture lately..Happy Thursday..Judy


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