Friday, July 10, 2015

My Creative Space

Hi Friends

I am so excited today to be joining
Karen at My Desert Cottage
For her 7th annual
"Where Bloggers Create"
Link Party

My Desert Cottage

This is my first time joining in

And I've had fun getting my space ready

So, Let's take a quick tour of My Creative Space

My home is decorated with taupe walls,
Black and very dark brown furniture
White and Red accents

So You will see some of that red in my space

I painted this picture this past spring
Which lead to a change of colors
In my office/craft room

My creative space is now mostly white
With touches of Beachy Blue
And those left over bits of red that I will phase out over time

As I have prepared for this post and cleaned up my creative space
It has become Very clear to me
That I like to work in a clean low key space
I've always used a curtain for the closet 
Because I do not like sliders
I purchased this soft white ruffled curtain for my space
And love how it keeps everything hidden from view 
What's behind curtain #1?

My ugly 20 year old file cabinet (but it works)
An 8 cube stack and my photo albums and photo boxes

I am definitely a girl who likes neat, tidy and organized
So, in the cubbies I keep small stackables with 
Many of my scrapbooking items like scissors, markers,
tape, punches, etc

I also have my 12x12 papers stacked on trays
More photo albums, all of my project life supplies
Important paperwork, books and manuals

In the red bins are all of my rolls of ribbon
Yarn, glue gun and glue, CD's and a few misc items

The top shelf holds my ancient photos albums
And most of my photo boxes (filled with photos and CD's)

This wall is in progresss
It will be my inspiration wall
Right now it holds a few photos
A couple projects that need to be completed
A sweet shovel with a super beach scene painted on it
(Thank You Celeste)
And the heart hanging basket has
Lace, embroidery thread and other misc pieces

I absolutely LOVE this dresser I purchase many years ago
It holds so many items I can't list them
But I'll add just a couple photos below

On top of the dresser I put my desk hutch
My desk is in front of a window and I didn't want to cover it
So, this piece fit perfectly on the dress and makes another
Great space for storing small linenes
small paints, all of my glitters, paint brushes and other small items

I love things to be containerized so in the drawers I have used 
Many small bins and containers
The containers above hold all of my tiny scrapbooking bits
As well as beads and other tiny items

I have a fetish for crochet hooks 
The box is full and I have a few full sets
Don't ask :)

This is my desk and storage area
I absolutely LOVE to sit here
And just dream while watching the lizards and birds
Play along the block wall outside the window
I attempt to keep my desk cleared off
So I can create anytime I want to

On each side of the desk
I've added cabinets with closing doors
The above is the left side
I keep games, paper and a couple of projects t
hat need to be completed

One of my nieces sends me scriptures and notes
I post them on the side of this cabinet
 For inspiration and encouragement when I need it
As you can see
I also love using ironstone and milk glass
To store pens, pencils, markers and brushes

Behind the doors on the right side
I keep my camera bag and supplies
Paints and painting supplies
Stationary, bows, rubber stamps and ink
As well as folded wrapping paper and ribbons

Here's a bit of that red
I use cute boxes for storage that can also be displayed
Here I keep my 5x7 papers and small tag paper

In this box I keep small note pads, 3x5 cards
Check boxes and other small paper items

I also use lots of glass jars for
Buttons, ribbons, spools of colored wire 
And some sand and sea shells from California :)
So, there you have it
My creative space
Always a work in progress
This has been so much fun putting together
I can't wait to come visit your space
Blessings to You
Happy Creating


  1. Cindy, I love your space! It is so neat and tidy and it's easy to see that you keep everything in it's place. I actually love your old filing cabinet. Soon it will be vintage! The curtain is a great idea. I have those same jars with red lids and the white box with the key holes. I also love the gorgeous blue and white quilt and that dresser is darling and functional!

  2. I hope my craft/photo room will be just as organized when it is done! It is being painted, the shelves put in, and then the long table. After that I will need to sort through all the things and have a spot for it all!

  3. What a lovely space. I like a clean and organized space, too. In fact, I'm a bit anal about it (grin). You have a lot of room and I'm super impressed. Looks like we have a few interests in common, too, although I don't scrap.

    Thanks so much for sharing this really lovely, calming space with us.

  4. I do love a well organized creative space. You have done an awesome job Cindy, creating a space that itself will sprout inspiration. Loved it.


  5. A lovely space. Whites and blues are always soothing and a joy to create in. Your vintage desk/dresser is beautiful.

  6. Well, aren't you organized!

    I love the white with blue quilt and I am going to try to find a place for an Inspiration Wall.

  7. Your space is very serene Cindy. A calm place to create. Your post has made me want to be more orderly, but I really don't know if that's possible at this stage/age in my life. :-)

    Happy Creating ~ FlowerLady

  8. I love your space. I love love the whites.. you are so organized.. I'm a clutter bug.. I love the box with all the cool key holes.. You have given ideas for storage... Thanks for sharing your AMAZING space.

  9. Hi Cindy,
    What a lovely and organized space. Love the beachy whites and cool colors. So restful and inspiring. I love the curtain, and how very neat you have everything behind it.

    Best Wishes,

  10. Beautifully organized crafty space Cindy! What a lovely dresser and the box with key holes on it is wonderfultoo. Thanks for showing us around. Karen.x

  11. Good Morning Cindy, Oh I've had the best time touring your creative space. Love it and all your organized details. The light color and your special pieces are so me too.
    I could spend hours here. Love seeing how you are using the little shovel. Thank you for the shout out too. So sweet of you. The curtain for the slider closet door is perfect. Love the ruffle trim. I thought it was a window covering at first. Love you added a beachy blue. I did that to mine this year as well. So enjoyed seeing your space. Be Blessed and have fun today.
    Sending hugs, cm

  12. You have created a fantastic working space:-)
    I love it:-)

  13. What tranquil colors you have in your lovely space!

  14. Looks great to me. Love your color palette. I don't like slider doors or folding doors either...LOL!!! I always remove them in my studios and personal closets too. I enjoyed your first painting...with the ocean saying!!! Right on!!! Thanks for sharing:)

  15. Your studio is so wonderful. Very organized and calm. I love how
    you hide all the boxes and things to make an inspiring place.
    Thank you so much for sharing !
    and....thank you for your visit and sweet comment on my blog !

    Blessings to you !
    Wilma, Shabbby Royale.

  16. Your space is wonderful, Cindy! It is so I understand why you got that "glassy-eyed" look when you came to visit! I love that nice big window. Sometimes just relaxing as you contemplate the outside world, is the perfect inspiration for other things.


  17. Wow! So neat, clean and organized! I adore that file cabinet - what a great piece. Thank you for the tour of your wonderful creative space; it must be such a fun room to work in.

  18. I love your file cabinet! It is a treasure. Love your calming seaside feel and will totally be looking for a curtain to replace my sliding doors. Thanks for sharing your very organized space.

  19. I love your light, airy studio! Your neatness, organization and creative storage is so inspiring! What a fabulous place to relax and create. Thanks for sharing your space.

  20. What a gorgeous serene space you have! Love all of your pretty furniture pieces! Thank you for sharing it with us!♥

  21. Hi Cindy, your space is adorable!
    Love how bright, clean and organized it is.
    It has a very peaceful feel to it.
    Thanks for sharing your creative space!

  22. Cindy, Your space is incredible and I love how neat and organized you keep it. That's one of my issues-in fact, I may just have to work on some items in my sewing room now. Love your colors and design. Thank you for sharing!
    Have a blessed weekend!
    Hugs and love,

  23. I like your creative space, especially with the touches of blue with the white. You must crochet since you have all the hooks? - sorry I had to ask. :-)
    Everything I have is in containers too, seem more orderly and I'm glad there are others who feel the same.
    Happy crafting from #33.

  24. Cindy, your creative space is so neat and organized, you put me to shame. It looks like you have everything set up in such a way that it is easy to find and get your hands on . . . me I'm still hunting for things that I put away in the perfect stop at the moment, but where I'll never find again, LOL.
    Thank you for this lovely tour . . . you are inspiring.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  25. Cindy - What a neat and organized creative space you have! I could never show my workroom! LOL

    Yours looks great!


  26. Love the glass jars with the red tops! You have a lovely space!!
    Halle #58

  27. Cindy,
    What a great space you have!! I am envious of the room. Mine is very small..... I love the idea of the curtains in place of closet doors. Someday i hope to take off the doors completely and open it open and filled it with shelving!
    Love those red tops on the glass jars!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!!


  28. I love your space. It is getting very beachy looking with the white and blue. I love how you seperated the hutch from the desk. It looks great on that fabulous dresser. Your one very Blessed girl to have such a great space. I love your organizing ideas. I love to store buttons n such in glass jars too. Thanks for sharing your space!

  29. Love your space, so organized and i like the new beachy feel you are going with. Thank you for joining up and sharing your creative space and ideas with all of us!

  30. Your space is so very pretty. I really love that dresser and the hutch on top. A lovely piece of furniture.

  31. I love the big dresser you use ~ I can imagine it holds tons of stuff!
    Thanks for the tour!

  32. AHA! An organized girl, be still my heart..that is the category you should peruse on mine..organizing lol

    Great space!

  33. Cindy,
    I love your creative space. Those white ruffle sheers covering your closet are so sweet. Love how organized you are. Looks awesome.

  34. What a lovely space, and I'm very impressed with your tidy organization. The ruffled curtain is a great idea, and I loved the peek behind. That dresser is fabulous as well. What a fun tour - thanks!

  35. Love all the white, just makes the space feel and look fresh, warm and peaceful all at once. Really lovely! Glad you joined the blog party, I enjoyed your tour.


  36. What a serene space to create in! I love all the beach touches. I know you said you were going to phase out the red but I think it looks great with your crisp white and beach blue, reminds me of a brilliant summer day. I am a container gal too, I find it easier to craft if I know where things are. Love your space, thank you for sharing.

  37. Cindy, your space is so pretty and serene. It must be a wonderful place to create. Thanks for the great tour.

  38. Everything is so neat and tidy, Cindy, and I love it all. Your neat creative space is very inspiring for a clutter-aholic like myself. I really want to clean off all the flat surfaces in my house and after I visit a few more blogs this morning, and after I walk the dogs in the forest, I'm going to start clearing and organizing. Maybe I won't get as organized as you, but anything would be better. Oh, and your painting is wonderful.

    Sending hugs from Flagstaff, AZ, USA

  39. A work in progress is always good! You should have seen my space the first years. Lovely tour!

  40. I love your space! The doors have bee off my closet for years because I don't like the sliders either..Now I know I'll use a curtain which adds great charm. I just started creating a craft room in a spare bedroom a few weeks ago. Can't wait to have my own space instead of sharing an office with the hubs!

  41. Hi Cindy!! I am so glad you joined the party this year!! I too need everything to organized. Not that room is always neat and tidy. It's not. When I am in the middle of a project, it is a mess!! LOL! But I have to clean everything up and have everything back in it's place before I start something new. I also like the ruffled curtain instead of the closet doors. Great idea!!

  42. HI Cindy, love your studio! It is so calming and airy, such a comfortable feel. Thanks for sharing. Riki

  43. It looks like you keep yourself well organized, Cindy! I find that I need to be, too, otherwise I can't find what I need when I need it. It looks like you have things within easy reach, too. Always good when you are trying to get something done. Thanks for sharing your space and for visiting mine! : )

  44. Cindy, what a great room! A room that helps the creative juices flow by the looks of it. Thanks for sharing.

  45. you have a wonderful creative space. I enjoyed this post so much. I shared my art room ( where I create) a while ago. Such a fun way to share. Hugs!

  46. Thanks for the opportunity to visit your Creative Space. I am very impressed with your organisation of your supplies as you have done an excellent job of being 'tidy'.

  47. I love white beachy feel…it is so clean and fresh looking. What a great craft space!

  48. Hi Cindy!

    Your workroom is really beautiful. It's so peaceful and well organized, and the curtains for the closets are a neat idea.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. :)


  49. So pretty! I love the crisp, clean beachy vibe you have going on! Your organization is wonderful and your closet is so pretty it really doesn't even need to be! I love the old file cabinet...if it were mine, I would paint it...each drawer a different color, but then, I love color! You could paint it in shades of bles and do an ombre effect. Sorry...just my brain in overdrive as ususal! Have a blessed and lovely week!

  50. What a beautiful creative space! I love the photo wall. Thanks for sharing!

  51. I love the beach quote. I often want to appoach the ocean as I did when I was child. I get knocked and I get up I run back to my beach chair hoping no one saw I was knocked down by a wave. Pretty much is I think I am less fearful only because I play it safe more. But, every once in a while we should jump into things we are fearful of. It is what being creative is all about!

  52. My goodness, Cindy. You are amazing. It's not that I didn't think you would not be organized, by good gracious girl, you really are organized. Can you keep it that way all the time? I tend to start out like that (well, not exactly just like that) but pretty organized, THEN I get busy and it all falls apart. I hate it and I will have to take some lessons from you. Seriously, it looks like a very peaceful and fun place to work and create and to find everything you need so easily ..Happy Monday..Judy

  53. You have a fabulous work space, Cindy! So organized, fresh and bright. Love the hutch you added to the top of the dresser. Definitely a wonderful and inspirational place to create!
    Mary Alice

  54. I love viewing creative spaces ..unfortunately mine is under renovations ... but I'm sure gleaning some great ideas... Your space is so organized.. I tend to be messy (ha Ha) ... nice storing cabinet...Your room looks much loved and inspiring...Hugs

  55. Cindy, I love how bright, fresh and organized your space is! Love your dresser and hutch, too! :)

  56. Oh joy! I love, love, love Cindy. I love the quiet, calm work space that is definitely one of the most organized I have ever seen. I wan this room! Oh my it makes me feel so peaceful! Wow! I am impressed. No, don't know how to do it. My new closets are packed and I have no idea how to get organized. Whew! Great space!

  57. Hello Cindy, I'm visiting from WBC ~ I think we have the same thoughts on working in a serene work space ;) Yours is lovely and I especially love that beautiful dresser! Happy creating, Cecilia

  58. It's nice that you have your very own room to create things. It looks very organized too. that is probably why I don't craft too much. My stuff is in a million different places.

  59. So nice to visit! Yes, your well-organized and tidy workplace is enviable! Love the curtain on the closet.

  60. Thanks for sharing your creative space with us.
    I love that vintage wooden file cabinet, is that a vintage radio on top of it I see?
    I also love your button and shell storage containers with the red covers.

  61. Hi Cindy, Thank you for sharing your lovely creative space. And thank you for stopping by my wbc blog post. My wooden file cabinet is similar to yours but I think mine is older and definitely more rickety.

  62. Containers! Yay! Gotta have 'em. I enjoyed seeing your creative world. Thanks for sharing.

  63. Cindy, I haven't visited You in a long time and I plan to change that.I checked to see if I follow You and Yes,for a long while. Your craft room in darling and inspirational to Me.I so enjoyed My visit with You.Visit My blog any time. I'm also participating in this hop.

  64. Love your white background with the pops of beach theme. Looks like such an inspirational place to work. My Magpie Eye loves your jars and collections and inspiration wall. Keep smiling and creating


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