Thursday, June 18, 2015

I Think This Is Just How It Will Be

Hi Friends,

I keep thinking I am going to get a project done to share
But quite frankly
Because of THIS:

I just don't think I have enough energy
To accomplish one project

So, this summer (Thursdays)
Will be spent with These:

Sweet And Precious Girlies
Hanging out Here:

It really IS all I can imagine doing when it is 115 outside
And Yes!
We have umbrellas IN the pool
To help keep up cool

Although I am going to continue to come visit 
All of your Beautiful blogs
And see all of your wonderful projects
I will be sharing photos
Of my back yard Paradise

Well, at least that is 1 project I DID 
Complete before the real heat hit

May your days be blessed
May you see JOY in the simple things of life

May you pray for our country
And the families of those affected by last nights horror!

My Heart Aches for Them!!


  1. With that heat index I am not surprised to hear you will be in the pool. Enjoy.

  2. I agree that's a great way to spend your Thursday, by the pool with your girls. Good for you for staying cool. OMGosh 115 today, :( I had to go out a few times in the car for lessons, I thought I was going to faint.

  3. I think it's hot here but your temps are horrible.

    Your mural is so wonderful! What a difference than just seeing a boring, blank concrete wall.

    Have a wonderful weekend and Thursday spent with your littles in the pool.


  4. Hi Cindy, yes we have also reached the time of the year here in Texas when doing much outside is impossible unless you start at 3 in the morning. LOL But it's hot then too!!
    You will be accomplishing much greater good being with your 3 grands and making memories. What a darling pic.
    Yes, many prayers for the tragedy in SC.

    Have a nice weekend my friend. Blessings, cm

  5. Sounds like a great plan to me! I am afraid we are going to go straight from rainy and warm weather to HOT, HOT, HOT. Stay cool!


  6. I sure hope that we have an early Fall for your sake. Stay cool and enjoy. Jo

  7. I could never live in a place which gets that hot!!
    I would be saying HELP ME, I'M MELTING!

  8. I would do the exact same thing. We are in the upper 90's right now and it is supposed to be 99 tomorrow. Ouch! I think we will spend time at our subdivision pool then.

  9. Oh mine that is hot. Doesn't the water warm up pretty good too! We are in the high 70's its been a very wet and cooler summer here in IL. It's rained over 12" in the last 14 days and more coming. So stay cool in the pool and use them umbrellas to keep even cooler!


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