Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Urgent Prayer Request

Hi Friends,

I come to you tonight with a Prayer Request
For my Sweet Daughter In Love

Pictured in the center of this photo
With her hubby (my son) and their 3 daughters and my 2nd son

She was admitted to the hospital last night
With critically low hemoglobin and iron levels

She has had 2 blood transfusions and a unit of iron

They are performing tests
But no resulting diagnosis at this point

Her hubby has been by her side the entire time
Her girlies (My 3 K's) are with their other grandparents tonight
Hoping they will be here by Thursday

Please pray that doctors are able to figure out
Why she is so terribly iron deficient
And are able to come up with a plan to treat her
And get her home to her family

Thank you so much friends
I will keep you updated as I receive news

Blessings to you all

Always looking to find JOY in the midst


  1. My friend I'm praying right now for our healing God to touch Melissa from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. What ever is going on I pray that it just disappears that God flushes her body of anything that should not be there. Love you. Vickie

  2. I am praying. I went through something similar back in 1998 while under care of Kaiser (NEVER AGAIN!). I was bleeding for a whole year and they just kept prescribing meds. On Dec 26th I went to their ER as was so weak and felt very bad. After 5 hrs they finally took me in and when they drew blood they all went into panic mode and was checking me in right away. The man who drew the blood showed me and it looked like pink lemonade! I was extremely anemic and iron deficient. When my husband told them his company was dropping Kaiser Jan 1st he wondered what would happen and they told him to speak to his HR person. Two days later they called him to come take me home! I was shocked as was so weak.
    Jan1st I managed to get in to see the new insurance doctor and he was shocked that he could get no red blood cell count on me. He ordered my records from Kaiser, which had all disappeared except one paper saying I left the hospital against doctors orders! NOT TRUE!! My new doctor did an ultrasound and stopped counting at 15 tumors in my uterus! He said he was arranging surgery as I would continue to bleed to death if they were not removed and he was not sure I would make it through surgery being so iron deficient and no red blood cell count.
    He was shocked I was still walking! I survived the surgery, took a year for my blood to return to normal. God was watching over me!
    I know he will watch over your daughter in love,

  3. Oh dear Cindy ~ You all are in my prayers. May God's healing strength flow through your ''daughter-in-love' allowing her to go home soon to be with her sweet family.

    Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

  4. Dear Cindy, Prayers for Melissa will be on going. May God be with you all and bring your daughter-in-love home to her family soon and well once again.
    Sending you hugs my friend.

  5. Praying for her and your son and the kids and YOU, too. It is so awful to have to stand by and watch these things happen. The "not knowing" is the worst part of it all, I think. Sounds to me like she has some internal bleeding going on somewhere...they will most likely be able to find that..and, hopefully, fix it easily.
    PLEASE keep us informed as best you can! xo Diana

  6. Praying for your DIL. Hoping they find answers soon CIndy.

  7. Praying for Melissa, the family and the doctors. Praying for a quick diagnosis and a cure. Praying peace for the family.


  8. Cindy, I must have missed this post. I am so sorry. Have you found out any more about her condition? I certainly will pray for her and the rest of your sweet family. Take care, Judy

  9. Cindy, Yes, I will rpay for your DIL and all your family...when mommies are sick ..it is rough for the whole family. May God send many blessings, xoxo,Susie

  10. I'm so sorry to hear this, Cindy. She is absolutely in my prayers, as are her family. I'm glad you will keep us posted.

  11. Praying for Melissa, may it be something as simple as being anemic. May the Lord give the doctors wisdom and her family peace.
    Hugs, Noreen


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