Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Let The Craziness Be Over ... Please!

Hi Friends,

It has been a crazy few days
And I, for one, am ready for life
To return to 'normal' - Whatever that is

Update 1
My brother will have surgery on the 19th
Fortunately it is gallbladder and they didn't have 
To remove it urgently
He's been able to prepare for surgery
Which is better than having to do it immediately
It is SO painful to have an attack though
Glad he is feeling better
And that will soon be taken care of for good

Update 2
My health
I wish I knew what was going on
But I started having terrible body aches on Monday night
I didn't sleep much but went to work Tuesday
Only to turn around and go home after 2 hours
I slept most of Tuesday and have been home 
All day today as well

My body is still achy, just not as bad
I don't have influenza
And no other symptoms
Oops...I do have a fever now
I'm hoping to feel better very soon
And be back to having a better attitude
I've been a bit grumpy :(

I had gotten up for a couple hours last night
Just to eat and get out of bed for a bit
As I was getting ready to head back to bed
I heard this::

Circling above my house
When I peeked out my front window
I saw someone in my front yard
Dressed kind of like this:

And several of these:

I immediately made sure all the doors and windows were locked
And kept looking out front
At least 6 police officers were in between my house
And the house next door

The helicopter circled for at least an hour
The police left after about 1 1/2 hours

Through phone calls and social media
I found out that a neighbor was having his motorcycle repossessed
And evidently that didn't sit to well with him
So, he allegedly threatened with a gun
Not sure of the details but...

In the end nobody was hurt
And all ended well

That is, except for those of us who lost sleep
Oh my achy body :)

Because I want to end with something HAPPY

I get to see this precious woman
In Just 10 days

Sending Blessings To All


  1. I hope it goes well for your brother. My husband and I both have had this. It is better when you can prepare for it. Mine was that way. The day of the surgery was painful. The day after I was really sore and then I was fine except for feeling tired. My husband on the other hand was dehydrated and spend three days in the hospital before his came out. He wasn't so fast at recovering.
    I would have been scared to death with your neighbor situation. My son is a marshal and I would have been calling him pretty quick.
    You were smart with locking the doors.
    I had streph after Christmas. I was so tired. Just be careful. Hugs

  2. Oh dear, I hope you are feeling better. It. Was good that you left work and slept. Often times we fail to listen to our own body and don't take the necessary steps to feel good again.

    That must have been so unnerving to have the helicopter overhead and all of the armed police so close, but thank goodness they were!

    Good wishes for your brother!

  3. Oh - I am sorry that you have the flu or whatever it is. How awful.
    Glad you get to see her in a few days...whoo hooo.
    Praying that all goes well with the gall bladder surgery.

    That is always scary to have police all around like that- especially when you don't know what is going on. xo Diana

  4. Cindy,
    Sorry to hear you are feeling achy and miserable. Hope you start to feel better. Wow about the cops all around your home. How scary for you. Hope the rest of the week gets better for you. Sending healing prayers your way.

  5. Hi Cindy! Hope you are all better now! A little too much drama for the middle of the night if you ask me! Glad things turned out all right. I peeked at the darling pictures of your sweet girls. What a joy! I also need to congratulate you on your wonderful achievement with your health plan. Not easy!!! Best wishes for your brother too. Been there, done that, brought home the big scar. I think the procedure is better now. So nice to know you came by my place! Aren't we glad to have sane weather?

  6. I hope you feel better soon! That's too bad about your neighbor and scary!

  7. I do hope you feel better soon. No fun to feel so achy!
    That police action sounds exciting and scary!!!

  8. Dear Cindy ~ I hope all goes well for your brother and that his recovery from surgery will be speedy.

    I hope you will soon be feeling much better too.

    What scary excitement at your place, and I'm glad it ended with no one getting hurt.

    Today is a new day and I pray you will feel God's love, peace, strength and healing flowing through and surrounding you.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  9. Wow Cindy! I hope all is back to normal for you. Hope you're feeling better! That was way too much excitement for one day! Hugs!


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