Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Quick Project

Hi Friends,

This morning I was working on the mural 
In my backyard
But the temperature reaching 95 today
Caused me to put my brushes away
And choose a more simple project
For the afternoon

Many of you know that I am 
On the Nutrisystem program
So I always have piles of food stashed in crazy places

I found this 5 drawer rack at Hobby Lobby yesterday
But it was black so it needed a quick coat of spray paint

I worked out in the front driveway
Where there was a bit of shade
And turned the above into the below

I didn't really care if there were a few drips
As I sanded it when it was dry
I just knew I wanted white and not black in my kitchen

It came with red wire baskets
So they slid right back in
 It only took about 20 minutes
And Viola

I know have a cute little place to keep my food
I'm sure that once I reach my weight loss goal
I will be able to use this little pretty
In my craft room/office

So, there you have it
A super quick project Complete

Here's a sneak peek of my mural

Yep, that is just a tiny peek
Hoping to have it complete next weekend :)
Today's JOY
Found in little projects

Where are you finding your JOY today?


  1. The mural is coming along beautifully, and your cabinet was a neat project. It is too hot, and it is only March. I think my lettuce is going to go to seed :( I'm pinching the cilantro.

  2. Can't wait to see that mural!!! Can't believe you have that kind of heat there. Our high today was in the 30s!!!

    Cute little rack-works great for the food like that! xo Diana

  3. What a handy dandy little rack and I do love it painted white! That is hot. Hope it cools down a little for us both! can't wait to see the mural!

  4. I love the way you transformed your shelf, Cindy! So much brighter. It's such a great functional piece too.
    Mary Alice

  5. What a great little quick project! You did a good job with it.

    I can hardly wait to see your mural. It's such fun doing things like that. It will give your space a whole new look. Enjoy the process and the finished artwork.

    Happy Easter week ~ FlowerLady

  6. Am so anxious to see your mural. Looks great so far.


  7. Hi Cindy,
    Love the re loved project. That is a great storage idea for your nutrisystem foods. I cannot wait to see the mural. Wow 95!!!! We are getting sleet mixed with rain and cold here today. It is suppose to warm up again this week. I hope so.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  8. Hi Cindy, I hope you are having a fantastic day today! I love the transformation of your rack-it looks so nice painted white. Your mural looks so good-you are a natural artist.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Hugs, Noreen

  9. That's a cute makeover, Cindy, and some good storage, too! We were painting this weekend, too. Rick was using the spray gun outside, and I was painting inside. The paint was drying so fast, both outside and inside, we kept reprinting the same areas!

  10. Oh, Cindy, you are a little stinker. I can't wait to see that mural finished. Your place for your food looks great and will be so handy for you...Happy Monday..Judy

  11. 95 degrees there? Where do you live?! I love the white color you gave that storage unit. It looks so good with the red drawers. You can never have too much storage.

  12. Hi Cindy, so fun to catch up with you tonight. Love your little shelf makeover and it's perfect for your food stash. Congrats to you on weight loss journey. I am sure you are feeling great.
    Looking forward to seeing your mural. I know 90+ temps is too hot to paint. We hit 88 today here in Texas.

    Also enjoyed your vacation post. Looks like you and your family had a wonderful time.
    I am about 3 hours from Waco and we plan to take a little drive down to Magnolia shop too. Too bad you missed seeing the Gaines. Maybe another trip.
    I am about to watch Fixer Upper tonight. My favorite on HGTV.

    Wishing you a special and blessed
    Hugs, CM

  13. What a cute little piece! Great job on your weight loss...keep up the good work! :)

  14. Seriously? 95? My goodness! Your little rack looks perfect. A new coat of paint can make an amazing difference. Nice job! Happy Easter to you!


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