Saturday, March 21, 2015

3 Grueling ... 4 Glorious

Hi Friends,

I've been MIA from blogville for over a week
I took a little vacation with my son
(Much Needed)
And we are home now
So it will be a week of catching up

Very early Saturday morning 3/14
We packed up my car and headed south/west
For a 2 day grueling drive to Texas

We made good time the first day
Making it, not only to, but through New Mexico

And made it to Texas as well
It was 11 long hours of driving 
But made the next day about 7 hours
So it was worth the push

Coming home I got the idea to power through
And drive the entire 1058 miles in one day
We left Waco at 5:05 am and arrived in my driveway at 10:05 pm
Exactly 17 hours
YES - I'm still tired!!
But my feet aren't swollen today :)

They say everything is bigger in Texas
Well, I don't know about everything
But they surely do fly some LARGE Flags
I loved seeing them flying so boldly above many businesses

Over the next week I will share more about Why we went to Texas
But today I'll just share a few treasures I returned home with
The barn wood sign above was gifted to me
Purchased from Spice Village
Oh my goodness, if you ever make it to Waco
You must find Spice ... You will Love it!!!

When I saw this gorgeous christening gown with bonnet
For only $10, I just Had to purchase it
I think I will display it in my bedroom
I absolutely Love the beautiful lace and islet work

Found myself a vintage rolling pin with red handles
And, these bamboo utensils that I really needed

Found this cute little candle holder/birdhouse
In a vintage mall in New Mexico

Had a beautiful dinner sitting by the river
Absolutely wonderful evening

If you follow me on Instagram
You can see some of the fun photos I shared during our trip

Health Update

Before I left on my trip
I got a call about my lab work
We finally have a diagnosis regarding all of my pain and inflammation
I have Viral Hepatitis

I was permitted to go on trip
Although the gruelingly long 17 hour drive home
Was probably Not the smartest thing I've ever done

Anyway, some life long changes need to be made
In the weeks ahead
I'll have lab work done again this coming week

I actually did rather well on my trip
Regarding my eating
I did NOT gain any weight at all
So Excited about that!!!

So today, I'm back on program
And hoping to continue my weight loss journey
As well as taking better care of myself

Thank you for stopping by
I'll share more over the next week
About The Glorious part of my Trip to Waco, Texas

Blessings to all!!!


  1. It sounds like you had a good trip, although a 'long' one. Glad you made it home safely.

    Hope your health continues to improve.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  2. Cindy, sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I LOVE your finds (especially the sign and the birdhouse!) and I love your new header, too!
    Hope and pray that you're feeling your best soon :)

  3. Wooo Hoooo Road Trip!!! Gotta love a road trip. Looks like you scored some fun things. Glad you are feeling better.

  4. Hi Cindy, What a wonderful trip! Glad the Dr. figured out the issue-is there a medicine you can take for this? Waco-wow, there is as show on HGTV called Fixer Upper and is filmed in Waco. I love all the changes and decorating the couple do. In fact, I think they have a store too.
    I have three baby gowns that I have displayed. Love your treasures.
    Hope you have a blessed day!


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