Monday, September 1, 2014

The Fruits of my Labor Day

It was a busy day around CC's Place

Early to rise allowed me to work outside
Before it got TOO HOT
(109 today)
I was able to clean up the lawn area

Bagged up 5 bags of 
Weeds, pine needles, grass and other debris
That has landed in the yard after the monsoon

By 10 am it was too hot to stay outside
But I did go back out and hose down the entire patio

Once the weather cools down a bit
The little's will be able to play outside again
Their bikes are just waiting to be ridden

It's a big patio with not much flare
Bulk trash pick up is this week
So I put all of my worn out, ripped up chairs
Out by the curb last night
They were gone in 20 minutes
Someone has A LOT of work ahead of them

I don't have much left out here now
But I'm hoping the tooth fairy will drop 
Some new patio furniture by while I sleep

While inside
I got 7 loads of laundry done
Washed, dried, folded, hung and put away

Linens are fresh and I will be ready for a good nights sleep

I was also able to shuck the corn
Make a roast
(well, at least put it in the crock-pot)

As well as clean the refrigerator out
And cut up the veggies for the week

I was able to chat with my mom for a bit
And talk to my bestie for an hour (that Never happens)

So, all I have left to do is
My day 1 Little Black Dress Challenge
(thanks MJ)
And make a bunch of flower pens for the office

I believe my Labor Day was Very Productive

Oh, you are supposed to Rest from your Labor today
Hmmm...I Forgot :)

I hope you enjoyed some fun time 
With family, friends and BBQ's today


  1. Yes, you are supposed to rest on Labor Day, Cindy! Didn't you get the memo? I'll bet you really enjoyed that dinner after all that hard work!

  2. You got a lot accomplished and had a wonderful dinner too. Good for you! If the chairs were aluminum, someone picked them up to sell at the scrap yard probably. It feels good to clean up and you did a great job. Those pens are sweet too.

    Have a wonderful September ~ FlowerLady

  3. WOW you sure got a lot accomplished and made a terrific dinner besides.
    Doesn't it always feel great to get so much done?? Labor Day turns out to be a day of work around here too, but I enjoy it.
    Wishing you a wonderful month and great first weekend of September.


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