Sunday, August 31, 2014

K~Bel Turns *4*

It is SO hard to believe
That our Sweet K~Bel 
Is already 4

This little Miss brings such joy to my life
Along with her sisters

She totally enjoyed her party

I bet you cannot guess where we went ~ LOL

One of her special 'cousins'
He's really an uncle once or twice removed
But cousin just works better

K~Bel absolutely Loved the gift
That K~Bug made for her 

Beautiful Little Miss

Beautiful cake created and decorated
By her grandma (not me)
So Talented

You are a delight and the most curious little Bel in the world
You both challenge and melt my heart
There is almost nothing in the world I wouldn't do for you
I just won't tell you that ~ YET!!!

Happy 4th Birthday 
My Sweet K~Bel


  1. Just getting back to blogging and trying to play catch up. She is just a gorgeous little girl, Joy. They are ALL cute as buttons. They really bring a lot of happiness to us, don't they? xo Diana

  2. Oh, your little K-Bel is just darling, as are the others! We have one just a bit older and one just a bit younger. One of ours just celebrated her 6th birthday this past week, and we got to Facetime. These years while they are still so young are just so precious!


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