Wednesday, September 10, 2014

She's Finished

Isn't it funny how certain pieces of furniture
Or even cars seem to have a gender character

This piece I purchased a month or so ago
Is definitely a She

As you may recall
I revealed her 'before' photo
And announced that she was getting a make over

The above photos were how I found her
At one of my favorite little antique/craft stores
'Tillies Attic' for only $20

I mentioned that I was going to use Anne Sloan Chalk Paint
For the first time

Well, She is Finished 
And I love her

She required quite a bit of fix it work
Her door was broken and needed repair

I wouldn't usually use E6000 for this type of project
But it worked extremely well

 Once she was prepped and repaired the process was rather simple
The paint went on very smoothly
It dries quickly so you can put 2 or 3 coats on in just a couple hours

The wax was a bit messy 
I preferred to use an old t-shirt rather than a brush
And then buffed it out
My biggest con regarding Anne Sloan Chalk Paint
Is honestly the price
$40 a quart plus $30 for the wax
It is true that I have enough left for at least 2 more projects
Of about the same size
But it is pricey for most of us

This beauty will sit in my dining area
The drawer will hold napkins and napkin rings

While the lower cabinet will hold other table linens
I do plan to find a couple of small baskets to place inside
That will keep everything looking neater 
And more organized

I LOVE my little $20 girl
I'm sure I will redecorate her surface in the days ahead
Just need to shop my house and find the right pieces

In the photo above
The sign at the top of the photo
Would you dry brush the frame white???
So much of my home has black frames and black furniture
I'm trying to lighten things up a bit
What do you think??

Inside the drawer I found 3 wheels for the cabinet
Now, I have to go shopping to find a 4th
Maybe that's why it was only $20

I am in Love with Her :)
Thank you for letting me share my Girl!!


  1. She is beautiful. Great job. I love the color. I would leave the sign alone. I think it gives some contrast. Nice nice job.

  2. Cindy- Give me a day or so and let me check. I "might" have one of those casters that I will just give you. I had a couple of them floating around my "I might need this someday" cabinet. lol If I don't get back to you by the weekend-jog my brain, will you?

    Your "girl" turned out great. I love how it looks now. It is pretty pricey but it is fun to use on certain pieces. I go back and forth between that and other paint finishes. If you really like working with the chalk paint there are a couple of "homemade" chalk paint recipes online.

    Hope you have a great night- xo Diana

  3. You did a great job and 'she' looks wonderful.

    That paint is pricey that's for sure. I've not bought any yet, but have seen it used on pieces where I work and it is oh so lovely.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. Hi Cindy, She is beautiful, but got to say I loved her before she had her makeover. Hubby and I restored an antique bureau and it didn't have feet,so we checked on ebay and found some there-you might look.
    I love seeing your creative projects-girl, you are gifted to be sure.

  5. Your washstand is so adorable!! I love pieces like this because they can move around the house and be used in so many ways and places.
    Mary Alice

  6. Cindy, The transformation is wonderful on this cute piece.

  7. Love it! I would keep the black frame around the picture. I've wanted to try to chalk paint for a long time now, but you're right - the price has kept me away. I've heard only great things about ease of use, etc. It really is a darling piece and can be used in a variety of ways.

    Way to go, Cindy!

  8. Oh, I think your little lady turned out beautifully, Cindy! I think I would leave the sign as it is -- the contrast looks nice. I think I would probably just put those casters into a dish or basket of some kind and let them be part of your decor. I see this all the time with old door knobs & such, so why not vintage casters -- just a thought.

  9. Hi there! I saw your blog name on Thrift My House and had to stop by! Love how your project turned out! Blessings, Cecilia

  10. Hi there! This is the first time that I have been to your blog. It is great, fun and inspiring. I am a new blogger and I have a lot to learn. Please FOLLOW my blog and give me some comments. :) Thanx,Jo from Anne's Attic - design blog

  11. Oh my goodness! So pretty! I would keep the sign black too. It all looks so nice just like it is. I make my own chalkpaint because I refuse to spend the money... and I haven't had any problems with it except on some pieces that had veneer and then I just used a primer and then chalkpainted it. I do use AS wax. I like it and one tin will last me forever.

  12. Your girl is a beauty! I love a light, white look, but your sign is pretty as is. Maybe use it elsewhere with your other black things, and put something else that is light or white here? Heck, I paint everything some shade of white or greige. Thanks for bringing your pretty cabinet to the RLTLT party! I would like to feature her tonight. :)

  13. Love the finished piece. Email me if you still need a caster as you probably saw on
    Revi's blog I recently found a bag of them. I would gladly give you one. Hugs, Dianne


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