Saturday, September 6, 2014

My Little Project

I've been working on this piece today
I found her a month or so ago at a little antique shop
For only $20

She's about half way finished

I hope to have her done and in place tomorrow!
I am enjoying my first experience
With Anne Sloan Chalk Paint

Have you tried it?
What was your experience?

Now, I must make sure the house is secured
As we are in the midst of a Haboob
(Major Dust Storm)


  1. You are doing great Cindy.

    I've never tried chalk paint, but I've seen some painted pieces using it and I think it is lovely.

    Have a nice Sunday ~ FlowerLady

  2. Cannot believe you got that for $20, Cindy -- what a steal! No, I have not tried ASCP, because it has always seemed way too expensive. I have been experimenting with FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Paint that's available at JoAnn's. It isn't cheap unless you have a coupon (which I always do), and one jar would not do a piece of furniture. I've been using it on some smaller odds and ends around here and really like it. I also, just recently, saw a recipe for making your own using Plaster of Paris and the sample jars of paint you can get at Lowes for about $3. I want to look into that. Anyway, happy painting!

    We didn't get the haboob or any rain. Did you get rain?

  3. $20, YOU have got to be kidding! What a steal. You should feel ashamed of yourself for stealing (taking it off her hands).Just teasing. I love, love, love it! Great piece. Good for you!

  4. Cindy, your piece is soo cute, and what a bargain! It's gonna look great when finished! (Good luck in your dust storm-ugh)

  5. Your little cabinet is looking so good, Cindy!
    Mary Alice

  6. Great job so far, Cindy.

    ASChalk Paint does take some getting used to, doesn't it? I like that you don't have to do too much prep up front but you make up for it on the other end with the waxing and buffing. I use it sometimes but if I want a "fine" finish I use something else. It is great for rustic projects and layers beautifully though. xo Diana

  7. We'll you know it's looking good, I can't wait to see it in its place, and all dolled up with your gathered pieces.

    Thank you Cindy, for taking the time to visit me, your comments are always a welcomed encouraging read.
    I have still yet to use and A.S.C.P yet, I still like sticking to my old ways of washing and lime waxing pieces to look old.

    See you soon,



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