Sunday, September 22, 2013

Welcome Fall

Welcome Fall

The Calendar may indicate that fall has arrived
Thankfully, the weather in Southern Arizona
Is attempting to cooperate with the calendar
At least it is forecast to be in the mid to upper 90's all this week

For many of you
You would say that is NOT fall
However, in Arizona we welcome any temps under 100

Also, there has been a nice breeze today
Which has helped to keep being outside tolerable

What has fall brought me on its first day...

It says to me as I looked out my bedroom window this morning
That nice breeze sent one of my umbrella's for a swim

My son knows that he is not to leave the umbrella up after swimming
But he sort of forgot

Yep, I'm mean...
He got sent in to fetch said umbrella 
The slightly cooler nights
Brought the temp of the pool way down
I think it may be the end of swim season

Thank you MJC for helping 
Now go take a nice warm shower :)

Although I have not spent much time decorating the house this weekend
I did retrieve my fall decorations from the garage
 And I am looking forward to slowly getting my house 

Besides fall stuff
M and I decided to go through several boxes of wires
Where do they come from?
So many of these are simply old, unused, and outdated
After we separated the good from the bad
I decided I am going to strip the copper from the outdated ones
And turn it in for some $$$

Guess what I will be doing the next few nights

The above photo is just a few of my son's
Game controllers
Oh my, how he loves his games

In fact, we had to do major grocery shopping today
Because he has 2 friends coming over in the morning
They will be staying all week
A new game came out on Thursday night
Now they need to get together and play

Oh the life of this momma :)

Sweet peace to all
That is what I will be praying for


  1. We've had hints of fall here in s.e. FL, in the mornings, during the day high 80's or low 90's still.

    Have fun fall decorating, and stripping the wire.

    Happy Fall to you ~ FlowerLady

  2. Thanks for your comments on my family room decor, Cindy. I hope you got to enjoy our "Fall" morning today. It was 61 degrees -- I cannot even remember the last time I saw that temp here! It will most probably slam us with heat later on, but I am certainly enjoying having the doors and windows open! Have a great day!

  3. Hi Cindy, That is a chore to get the umbrella out of the pool-I bet he'll remember to take it down next time. When seeing your fall decorations, I noticed we both have the same pumpkin. I haven't put mine up-but probably today. Glad you are getting some cooler weather.
    Hugs, Noreen


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