Sunday, September 8, 2013

All Access Pass {Random Fixes}

 Whether my chance or by choice
Millions of women are single
Sometimes we
Just need to do what we need to do...

 My hope this past weekend
Was to complete several small projects

The first one was super simple
I've had a hook in my bedroom ceiling for 18 years
I've never hug a thing from it

I purchased this small chandelier
Several months ago with the intention 
Of re-wiring it and hanging it in my closet
Well, I think it adds a touch of class to my bedroom
So, here is where it will stay

Next, I have always wanted to add something above my front door
Kind of boring
I found a sign I really liked at Hobby Lobby 
50% off

I hung it over my door
Honestly, I Love the sign
I'm just not sure it works here
What are your thoughts, Please???

Here is where my list of quick fixes 
Not such a quick fix

My bathroom toilet has been leaking (inside) for several months
I needed to replace the fixings
As I gathered my tools and began to work
I soon realized it was not going to be such a quick fix

Because my home is 32 years old
Some of the hardware is beginning to wear out
I easily removed the working parts from the inside
And replaced them with new

 No Problem
I began putting everything back together

The ancient copper supply line began to LEAK
Big Time
After going outside and turning off the water to the house
(I had turned the water off to the toilet - just not the house)
I made a quick trip to Ace Hardware
For some new parts

Then after making a few phone calls to family members
With questions like:
"Who is your plumber?"
And "How do I get this off?"
My brother talked me through the 
'Don't take that off!!!'

I have a new supply line
And new inside fixings
No leaks, No drips, No hissing 

This job was NOT as easy as I had hoped
And when you are dealing with ancient parts
Be prepared for more work and trips to the hardware store than you had planned

Don't be afraid to try new things
Just because you have never done it before 
Doesn't mean you Can't do it now

There are some things I will NOT tackle
But there are many things I will
The amount of confidence that fills your soul
When you accomplish something new
Far out weighs the fear of trying

Leave a comment and tell me what you are going to
Achieve this week!
I'd love to encourage you!!!




  1. Yay for you and thank you for sharing your projects. Great accomplishments. You just inspired me to not be afraid.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Good for you for getting things done on your own. Toilets and kitchen sinks have to be some of the toughest "repairs" because of the tight spaces. I do really like your cute little chandy -- looks perfect in that spot!


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