Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Treasures

For many in our country
Garage sale season is beginning to wind down
Summer is giving way to fall 
And the weather is cooling off

Yet, here in AZ
The garage sale season is just starting
The temps are in the low 100's
And today we even had rain
I don't believe it hit 90

Saturday I took a quick tour of my neighborhood
Just to see if I could find anything 'special'

Check out my treasures...

My son needed a small stool 
I was happy to find this one for only $1
I offered to paint it and 'boy' it up a bit
But he likes it just the way it is

I found this brand new decorative pumpkin
Still has the tag attached
I will definitely use this with my fall decorations this year

I also scored this nifty box

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet
But, I'll find a great place for it

Then I hit pay dirt
This adorable little girls chair
Guess how much

Yep, only $2
I will cover the name on the back with a little paint
And add it to my collection of items
That I will add when I complete 
A playhouse in the backyard this fall

I love to get books at garage sale
Scored these 2 for only $1

My garage sale experience was great this weekend
6 super items
$7 spent 

And then...

I entered one of my photos
Into a contest 
And guess what???

This beautiful set of Geoffrey Beene Luggage
Now resides in my home

Guess I better start planning a vacation :)

Share your thrifty finds in the comment section !!


  1. Yes really had a great day! Enjoy all those precious start planning your great vac! I too love garage sales, yard sales and flea markets!

  2. You certainly found some great treasures, Cindy! That pumpkin is beautiful & that little chair is just too cute. Our neighborhood will be having a big garage sale in a couple of weeks. They do one twice a year. We haven't participated before, we typically just donate to Goodwill, but may join in this time.

  3. Hi Cindy, Love your finds-had to laugh that your garage sale season is just starting; my bff and I start hitting them in April/May and ours are just winding down. You've made some great finds there!
    Have a great week.


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