Sunday, November 13, 2011

When God Answers

When God answers a prayer
It is seldom in the way we desire
Or the way we think He will answer

Most of the Time,
Maybe Always,
He surprises us in the Best Ways

This past week
I was burdened down with a heavy decision I needed to make
A decision that wouldn't necessarily change My life
But would or could drastically change son #2's life

I prayed and begged God to make it easier on me
I pleaded for Mark to be here
So he could help ease my pain
I didn't Want to make the decision
I knew I Had to make

I definitely didn't Want to tell my son
What he did not want to hear
His little heart has been so broken
Over the past year
And I didn't want to contribute to his pain

But I knew the answer
Dread enveloped my soul
Pain was written all over my face
I couldn't understand why God wanted me to break my son's heart again

The hours were clicking by
The time had almost arrived
When out of No Where
Came sweet, calm and deliberate
Words from my son's mouth

Mom, I just don't think I should do (...) right now
I think I need to wait a little longer
I need to take more time to think about it
I need to be an adult and wait for the right time

God gave me peace about my decision
But NO peace about talking to my son

Yet, HE spoke to my son instead
And gave him peace with the answer

You have no idea what a tender moment that was
When God speaks to your children
And they listen and act on His voice

Thank you Dear Lord!
There is Peace in our Home

I actually made dinner two nights in a row
I think that peace has calmed my freatful heart

Tonight's Fare

Chicken Vegetable Soup
With Knot Bread


  1. Oh Cindy, what a blessing! Love hearing how God worked in both of your lives to show His perfect plan. Yay, God! Praising Him and continuing to pray for you. (((Cindy)))

  2. Cindy, what a wonderful story. I have a situation right now that I so need God to do a similar work in. It is not with a family member but rather within my church family. Someone very dear to me needs to hear some very tough words. Many of us are praying but God has not called forth the one to speak to this person. I keep praying the Holy Spirit will speak to them. You story reminds me of God's good timing and work.


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