Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Ride on the Wild Side

Does anybody else live such a wild life as I
At 3am I took a ride to CRMC in one of these
 It seems I was attempting to have a stroke
According to these beauties
 Do you think they put enough of them on
And these are only the ones they left on
After being attached to these
Noting that my blood pressure was 225/150ish
Having two EKG's
A CTscan
2 X-rays
4 tubes of blood drawn

Doctor's determined that I didn't have a stroke
But had a significant elevation of B/P and heart rate
Probably due to
Forgetting to take my medication
Anyway, My sweet boys came and sat with me at the hospital
Then drove me home in this
That is the 'real' me
No makeup, in my jammies and hubby's robe
After several hours in ER
I had the opportunity to ride in son #1's open air Scout
What an exciting life I live
I have spent the rest of the day
Alone in my home
My kids gone on with their plans
I snuggled up with these two precious babes

I was so glad I took Mark's robe with me
While in the hospital I realized
It was my first medical event
In more than 30 years
Without him and I began sobbing
I think I made the paramedics a bit uneasy

My lecture:
Take your medications
Stop the Excedrin
Stop the soda
Drink Water
Blah, blah, blah

All I want now is a 20 oz sprite and an Excedrin
I have such a headache :(

Oh well,
That was my Ride on the Wild Side
For Today
Good Night All
I'm off to see if there is anything to eat in This Place


  1. Girl, that is too much excitement. Calm down!! We want no more of those kind of stories. Too dangerous and scary!!!

  2. Oh Cindy... how awfully scary this must have felt for you! I am so very sorry. Praying for you to have a calmer week, a rested body, soul, and spirit.


  3. i am so glad that your are ok, but please take your medicine!!

    praying for you Cindy..

    you looked cute in your jammies and robe in that jeep!

  4. Why didn't you CALL ME?? I live 30 minutes away for heaven't sake, and my car has a roof!

    I'm so relieved you are OK.

    Cindy, please be tender with yourself. Please.

    I love you, Lee

  5. Sweet sister...

    I'm so thankful it wasn't a stroke! I can totally relate to the Excedrin + soda "needs". I'm happy that you had this mini-adventure, and one day...I fully believe you'll be able to look back on this and LAUGH!

    Praying for you...


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