Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's Here

One of the many first I have wished I didn't have to face has arrived.

At this moment I am alone in my home.  It is 9:30am, my mom and boys left for breakfast out and I remained home to continue preparing a meal for 21 hungry mouths later today.  The second onion I diced was a doosy and caused a few tears so I decided to step away from the kitchen to write down a few of my thoughts.

Today is the 11 month point since my husband's passing, it's Thanksgiving and son #1's 30th birthday.  In the midst of unspeakable pain there is so much to be thankful for.  A new friend and co-widow asked me to share 10 things I am thankful for which she has shared on her blog here.

Sadness is a portion of my emotions today, yet there is Joy which pulses from my inner most being.  The Joy that only God can create in a heart that has been torn and depleted.  Today, I am grateful for Joy, The Joy of The Lord, It truly IS my strength Today!!!

Please join me in wishing my Andrew a Happy 30th Birthday and now I will get back to the Kitchen before something burns!!! 

A Blessed Thanksgiving to You All!!!!


  1. I am thankful for you! Love you bunches!

  2. bless you,dear one. i cannot even imagine how difficult this day is. may God's peace overflow into your heart.

  3. Hope you had a sweet day with no burned stuff. Love, Lee

  4. I can't imagine what you're feeling. Glad you are keeping yourself busy and surrounded by family! I'll have a 30 year old in February!! How did that happen???

  5. Holidays are hard. Hard for everyone, especially those having to face them after the loss of a loved one. I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with lots of good food, family and friends and sweet memories of the day and those of past years too.



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