Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sea Change, A Novel

Mystery laced with love, tragedy, loss and new beginnings are words that come to mind as I recall the read I just finished.  Sea Change A Novel by the author of Salt, Jeremy Page pulled me in from the first chapter. 

Beckoning me as I read each word, intrigued to understand the circumstance in which they were facing.  But as tragedy and loss claimed a man's mind, the story takes an interesting turn.  Lost in the 'what might have been' yet living in the reality of, Guy begins a written journey of the life he could only hope to have.

As I have lived the past 10 months grieving the loss of my beloved husband, I felt compelled in some ways to befriend Guy as he faced life alone following tragedy and loss.  You lose sight of reality and who you are when faced with life alone after so many years together. Through the written word, Guy attempted to soothe his grief and live the life he dreamed would have been.  At the same time, he journeyed alone in a boat called Flood with very little hope of a new beginning.

I must say that there were moments during this read that were sad and even confusing, yet as I began to feel the heart of Guy, and measure it against my own grief walk, I could understand and even sympathize with him.  

One caution: this book does deal with the death of a child!

You can learn more about Sea Change here and here.

Though I did receive a copy of this book and a small compensation, the thoughts and above review are my own.

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