Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hullabaloo over a HABOOB

Why all the Hullabaloo about a Haboob?

A type of violent or intense dust storm or sandstorm
seen mostly in the Sudan

Well, Haboob 2011 got lost
And landed in Arizona

I have lived in Phoenix for more than 16 years
I have experience many of these dust storms
Of varying degrees
Never have I experienced what
Happened on July 5, 2011

Fortunately I returned home
From a few days away
About 30 minutes before it hit

Once inside the 'safety' of my home
The storm rolled in

I looked out and could not see the house across the street
I could barely see my front yard

The wind was strong
At some points and places nearby
They recorded up to 70 MH Gusts

This particular storm lasted
over an hour
Which was super long
And I am not ashamed to admit
That I was a little scared at a few points

I pulled this photo off the web

As well as this one

A friend took this photo from his home
And put it on FB

Once the dust settled (hehe)
This is what is left behind
My pool is Mud
I have NO idea how I am
Ever going to get it clean again

So far I have spent 2 hours
Just hosing off some of the dust
Around the pool
And cleaning the filters

K~Bugs Car

Don't think I'll be using this today

Nor will I be serving any food from this table

Even the inside of my house
Is covered in a thin layer of dust:(

No, it's not a hurricane, tornado,
Tsunami or earthquake
It's just our version of the above

Hullabaloo of Haboob
A Dirty Job,


  1. What a mess and especially the pool. Hope you get it all cleaned up soon so you can enjoy your backyard again soon!

  2. Hi Cindy, It must have been a bit intense when it was going over everything. Remind me of a lava flow after an eruption. I've been in a very small dust storm in the desert once and that was enough. Glad you weren't outside when it hit.


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