Saturday, July 9, 2011

How a Haboob sells a Truck

It's possible that the Haboob in Phoenix
Didn't actually Sell a Truck
But is also a possibility
That God used that 'dirty' storm
To Sell a Truck

A truck that has sat unused
In my driveway since Mark's passing
A truck that needed to be sold
Because it is a constant reminder of my loss
A truck that was loved through 205,000 miles
And was being ignored

In the aftermath of the Haboob
I have been attempting to clean up the house
However I have not as of yet finished the job

Two days after the storm
I walked outside to find this

Can you see it in the photo?
Son #2 had written 'for sale'
On the windshield of the now filthy truck
Someone drove by and put a note on the windshield as well
Can you see it?
It says "If you want to sell this, call me",
And has a name and phone number

24 hours later.........
Bye~Bye Little Red Pick~Up

Believe me
My heart has had to adjust to
Yet another piece of Mark leaving the property
Still, I continue to find Joy
In even the most difficult of situations

God used a dust storm
And a son
To help this mom
Let Go!

 My Markie
Loved his little red pick~up
But now, it has a new owner
And I have another story of God's
Faithfulness to share

Considering It All Joy,


  1. wow Cindy, a person thinks they are having a tough time then this comes up and I feel humbled by you and your courage. This is a beautiful post and you have every right to feel proud of yourself. Blessings

  2. Blessings everywhere we look....He is there with us, guiding us and yes his faithfulness shines through. Great post and happy for you to have one more thing marked off your neverending list of Things to Do!!

    Love you girl!! Connie


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