Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Miscellaneous Musings

This is just a checking in post. I don't have much important to say so I thought I'd give you a few items of minor interest:)

1 - I prepared dinner again tonight. This is the third night in a row. Tonight's fare was pulled pork loin with a tangy barbeque sauce served over a bed of rice with freshly sliced pineapple. It's a good thing I am going out to dinner with a friend tomorrow because I don't want my son to think this is going to become a habit or anything!!! LOL!

2 - I never thought I would be a single mom especially of an adult child with very special needs. But here I am working full-time and attempting to be everything to him as well as taking care of finances, food, fuel, filthy clothes, fluffy dogs, forgotten dust bunnies, and a full host of other fundamentals of life. A life of wearing MANY different Hats, so here's Hats Off to All Single moms Everywhere~~~How do you do it??

3 - I have been asked to write an article for our ladies newsletter. I haven't done that type of writing for a couple of years so I have been a little anxious but this morning the Lord began to speak a wonderful word to my heart. I cannot wait to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and see it in print. Please pray that it will bless those who read it and bring Glory to our Lord.

4 - I have NOT done my taxes yet ~~~ Just in case you wanted to know.

5 - I hope you read my last blog post but if you missed it ~~~ My Mom does NOT have cancer! We are praising God and praying for guidance to deal with the emphysema and other health issues.

6 - I am preparing to host a yard sale this weekend. I have so much that I am ready to let go of. I certainly have not gone through everything yet and won't be able to before Saturday but I have LOTS to get rid of! And then it will be a trip to the donation center in the afternoon.

7 - Whatever the skin ailment I suffered from last summer is back in full view. I think I am going to have to admit that I am just allergic to the sun! That is a difficult diagnosis when you live in Phoenix, AZ but a truth I must deal with. The minute I was outside with short sleeves the hives shone their ugly little selves. I think a trip to the dermatologist is going to be in order Very soon.

Well, I think 7 random thoughts are enough for tonight.

Considering It All Joy,


  1. Love a random post! You're doing a great job, Cindy. So much on your plate right now... my hero. I was a single mom for three years, so I know how difficult it can be at times. We just did our taxes a couple of weeks ago. It was really hard this year. We have an accountant; itemized to the nth degree, but a good outcome.

    As for cooking, I'm lousy in the kitchen. When I was a single mom, my dad would often tease me by saying, "Your kids would starve to death without Kraft Macaroni and Cheese." I'm afraid he's right!


  2. I don't do well in the sun either. I burn very easily but sometimes end up with a rash. I think a dermatologist could help.

    I'm continuing to pray for you as you go through all the adjustments.

  3. I had a bout with hives a few months ago...miserable! I hope you get some relief and fast!

    Good luck with your garage sale. It's a lot of work, but sure is nice to get rid of unwanted things.


  4. I love your random thoughts, I love your heart, and I love you! I am proud of you Cindy :)

  5. I am so happy for your mom! Love your random thoughts and some of mine are the same as yours. Your home is perfect for you and Your closet looks great!


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