Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Prayer Seeking Update!

For 28 days I have prayed that I would not have to write this post.
However God has chosen a different course of treatment than what was in my heart.

Here is the latest update on Mark:

Thursday morning (day 29) I will again make the journey to the hospital and this time it will be to walk down to the second floor surgical area. The second lung biopsy came back with no clear results. This afternoon we met with 4 doctors from pulmonology, infectious disease, nephrology and cardiology, all were in agreement that open lung biopsy is necessary. This will be preformed tomorrow. At the same time the cardiologist will extract as much fluid as possible from around Mark's heart. It seems that he has congestive heart failure and 'while they are at it' it is just best to remove as much fluid as they can.

Unfortunately Mark has a 20% chance of mortality during the surgery and more than 50% chance of encountering major complications during/post surgery. However, because there are NO understood diagnoses of why his lungs are bleeding and why he has massive disease in his lungs the benefits still outweigh the risks.

To say I am concerned is an understatement YET I KNOW MY GOD!!!!!

Mark and I both have total faith that God is in control and the outcome, whatever it may be, is HIS plan. We continue to share our love and commitment for each other and stand side by side with hands raised in praise to our God who has loved us and walked with us for some 30+ years. His plan is our purpose!!!

So tonight, as I prepare my heart, I just seek His face and His peace during this season of our lives and I ask you to do the same. On our behalf as well as the thouands around our world who are facing challenges like this and worse.

I rest in our family motto: "Through It All, FAITH"

Considering It All Joy,


  1. Cindy, of course I will pray for your husband. I'm sorry I've not been by to visit your blog lately. I am now just trying to catch up. My, you've had so much on your plate with his health issues. I am adding him to my prayer list and will stay tuned as we wait expectantly.

    Blessings and love,

  2. I'll keep him in my prayers, Cindy!
    Angie xoxo

  3. Not sure what time he's going in, but it 6:49 AM over here, so prayers are underway... May the peace of Christ rule over both of your hearts as you walk through this difficult day together.

    I love you, friend, and while lying awake on my sick bed last evening with my clutching cross in my hand, I said a prayer for you both not knowing what today held.

    Keep me posted...


  4. Praying for you all friend. Thank you for keeping us in the post. Love you!

  5. I AM PRAYING RIGHT NOW! Wish I could be there to hold you hand. Big hugs and know that I will be lifting you up throughout the day!

  6. Thank You Jesus that You are holding Your daughter Cindy during this time of many unknowns. I pray Lord for Mark and the drs, nurses and the entire hospital staff, this is a time in which You will be seen, Your Presence is there and for that I praise You. Lord only You know everything and only You see the whole picture, for that we put our full trust in You and hold tight to Your love and faithfulness. We love You Lord, Amen


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