Thursday, October 21, 2010

Filling In The Spaces

This past couple of days having hubby home has left me with time to catch my breath and fill in some spaces formerly occupied with hospital visits. Of course I now spend full days at work so I really only have evenings and one of those was taken up by a wonderful FPU class. Last night was my first night to actually cook dinner for the family:) Hubs wanted homemade burgers so that is exactly what he got!! I am a great barbeque-r!!

Today was hubby's first venture outside. Off to his PCP for follow-up and labs. After two hours away, he was glad to get home and rest! What a beautiful morning to sit out back and soak in some sunshine. I made him lunch and we visited a little.

Today we also have our sweet Katie Bel who is pretending to be sleeping right now but she is really crying so off I go to get back shortly!

OK ~ So I am back and so is she:

Laying on my lap snoozing away:)

That didn't last either ~ Little Fussy today so we

went and dosed off in papa's black chair for a couple hours:)

Yesterday the office staff surprised me with an early birthday party. Balloons, cards, flowers, veggies, fruit and brownies for lunch, YummY. I must admit I truly was surprised since I totally forgot my birthday was this week. I think my mind has been elsewhere!! It was a very nice distraction:)

Also yesterday, a great friend came by the house with two boxes filled with meat. It seems the Pastor from our old church heard that hubby needed protein so he sent our friend over with Lots of it!!! A very generous and unexpected act of kindness!

Over the past 40 days I did an experiment!
I ate ONLY Fast Food, uuhh just to see what would happen, NOT!

I ate only fast food because my only free time was spent driving back and forth to the hospital and well I gained more than 20 pounds.

So now I need to experiment by eating only healthy food and
NO fast food. Let's see if I can lose 70 pounds:)

Kids just came in from work!
Time to get ready for dinner
(which is being delivered by one of my dear blog friends LeeBird)

Love to you all
And thank you so much for all of your prayers!!!

Considering Filling in the Spaces
With Joy,

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  1. Thank you for the update and for sharing your husband's progress thus far. I'm so glad for his return home, and I am believing God for hourly improvements (even if small ones) until his strength returns and he is able to handle that barbeque himself!

    Rest, rest, rest when you can. All of you. Just rest in Jesus and his strength and love for you today.



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