Sunday, October 17, 2010

Almost Home:)

These past 40 days have been the most stress-filled, lonely, and rewarding days of my life.

But tomorrow this portion of our journey comes to an end and a new one begins.

A dear friend reminded me today that good things happen at the end of 40 days and friends that is exactly what I have been praying for as have you. Not just good things but GOD things.

Monday hubby will venture home and begin the rehabilitation process with home health nurses. My thoughts tonight focus on watching him relax, sitting in his black chair with remote in hand attached to Nothing but his family. Prayerfully 24 hours from now that is exactly what I will be doing, watching him At Home:)

Tomorrow I will proudly walk out of BDMC saying: Yes that is my hubby!! Strong, feisty, stubborn and a fighter, determined to live and not die, my hubby, my hero. Yep, that's my man.

I know the road ahead will not be easy nor was the road behind. At least tonight there is hope and rejoicing. Tonight there is thanksgiving and praise to my Jesus, my King, my God. Tonight there is going to be either sweet rest or restless excitement. Tonight there is Joy.

At some point in the near future I hope to share with you some of the moments God walked me through over the past 40 days, how close we came to losing hubby, how broken my heart was, yet tonight I just thank you for your prayers. You cannot imagine how much I needed them during this season, how much I appreciate your faithfulness, and how much I love you all.

I will update tomorrow when we are HOME:)

Considering A Homecoming with Super Duper Great Joy,


  1. I'm continuing to pray for you and your family and look forward to good reports after his homecoming.


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