Saturday, June 12, 2010

Disappointing News...

So today's news was not as wonderful as we had hoped for.

The good news was that:

C-Diff was negative:)
Valley Fever was negative:)
Nuclear Renal Function Study showed NO blockage:):):)

The difficult news was:

Creatinine went back up to 1.55
CT Scan continues to show total haziness in both lungs (fluid of some sort)
2D Echo showed Pulmonary Hypertension :(
C-Reactive Protein was 36.5 and should not be over 8

Today we had more tests:
Chest X-ray
Doppler of legs to check for blood clots - there were NONE!!!
Another Nuclear test of the lungs looking for clots - no answers yet.
More blood work: ANA, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc.

So tonight we wait some more.

Mark actually feels pretty well so his little grumpiness has reappeared and he is giving everybody heck!! That's Mark!!

Though I am more than exhausted I cannot complain, there are so many parents whose sweet children are just across the hospital in the children's center who don't get to go home every night and sleep. They sit in a chair and just watch their babies all night to make sure nothing happens.

For me, I get to come home and be with Matthew and sleep or rest in my own bed:)

I received an awesome e-mail when I did return today (sure wish I had a lap-top so I could blog during the day instead of waiting until I get home) anyway, back to the e-mail. It was from Matthew's horse trainer and they (Silver Lining Team Mom's) are bringing meals over for the next several days PLUS the trainers house keeper has offered to clean our house one day!!! I am SO thankful. I guess they got tired of me saying I was eating donuts, soda and ice cream everyday:)

With that said, I am off to eat ice cream one more time:)

Thanks for praying and caring so much.
We know we are loved.


  1. Wish I could bring you guys a big home-cooked meal, too! But I can send prayers your way! Thinking of you tonight!

  2. Yeah for the good news and we'll keep praying about the others to get better so Mark can go home. What a nice gift from the horse are blessed!

    Love ya, Connie

  3. Praying and knowing God will keep leading you through this. Praise God for the meals...and the house deserve to be loved on!


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