Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bloggy Friend Lunch!

It always makes me happy when I can meet one of my bloggy friends.

It makes me even happier when they really do become friends and we enjoy each others company.

I recently had another opportunity to have lunch with LeeBird.

She and I both live in the Phoenix Area (East Valley) and enjoy getting together as often as possible. I absolutely adore her!

Lee is a prayer warrior and a woman after God's own heart. I truly love spending time with her. She is one of those Christian ladies who make you feel so relaxed. And relaxed is what I need in my life just now and time with her is just what the (heavenly) doctor ordered last week.

Lee is the inspired writer of Prayer Gifts (here). You will have to stop by and get to know her. It will be a place you will love to re-visit week after week.

Considering Bloggy Friends With Great Joy,


  1. So happy you two have connected and that you have a prayer partner and bloggy/real friend nearby.

    Love you and praying for you too.
    Your bloggy/real friend,

  2. Yeah-what fun! So glad you two got to lunch together. You both are so precious...and to put you in the same room under the same roof...I know that people were blessed just being in your presence!!


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