Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Night Five #8

It is Friday Night again for which I am always thankful!
I just LOVE Friday nights.

An honest and revealing statement is that I have battled depression most of my life. I HATE IT~!!! However, though I battle depression and sadness I am truly a positive person. I can find good in everything and I consider myself a glass half FULL kind of gal ~ for that I am truly grateful.

Most people would not think those two statements could be true about the same person but they are with me as I have prayed MUCH-O and work very hard and staying positive.

One of the ways I work at staying grateful and positive is to encourage others. And, one of the ways I have found to encourage others is to share the little things I am thankful for. We tend to look at the BIG bad circumstances in our lives and become down yet when we begin looking at the little every day things it begins to lift our spirits and pretty soon that old gloom and doom just disappear!

It is one of the reasons I love Friday nights because I get to share things I am grateful for with the world ~ well, at least the few people who read my silly blog:)

Here is my '5' for this week:

1) I had an opportunity to spend several hours with my mom yesterday and I enjoyed my time immensely. We worked hard cleaning her garage and then got to have lunch and visit for awhile. I am aware that many people don't ever get to spend time with their mom's and I am blessed to be able to do so.

2) I am grateful for PTO. I was off work Sat & Sun then worked Mon, off Tue, Wed, and Thurs, then worked today and now I'm off Sat and Sun. Doesn't that sound like a fabulous work week? Can't happen every week but it sure was nice and I enjoyed every minute of the entire week even the work time.

3) I am so happy for a great new dentist who is fixing my hubby's teeth. He has been missing a few of those pearly whites and Dr. Dentist is making him so fine new ones! I am so happy for him.

4) I am most grateful for tax returns to pay for those new pearly whites!!!!

5) Today is April 16th and it is one of my best friends' birthdays. Though I don't get to see her or even talk to her as much as I used to or would like to I am still grateful that she is in my life and that God joined our hearts from the first moment we met way back in 1989. Susan, you are loved!!!!!

Well, I could go on and on of course, but I will spare you! What about you? Are there things that you are grateful for tonight? I hope you will share them with me but if not please at least share them with those you love. Encourage someone this weekend. Give someone a hug. Send someone a note. Do something for someone else!!! You will be surprises how good it makes YOU feel!

Considering Gratefulness with Joy,


  1. I always enjoy reading your blog posts. :) It really lifts my spirits.

  2. You are special Cindy...thanks for sharing your heart and you do have a lot to be thankful for.

    Love ya girl and keep thinking positive and take ONE DAY AT A TIME! That's how I do it.

    Love ya, Connie

    PS You could start this as a meme and have everyone link to you if you want and we could all share our Friday Night Thankfulness!

  3. I'm grateful for blog posts like this. They breathe life to others and remind us that we are blessed.

    This week I'm thankful for:

    God's grace to finish a few writing things on time

    For Prom night tonight for my son.

    For a good haircut.

    For the strength to get back into the gym again.

    For family and friends.

    For God's endless love and mercies.

  4. Thank you for the reminder to do something for someone else and how much that make a difference in our own outlook.

    I think you will bring encouragement to so many others who have battled or may be battling depression right now. The fact that you can still look at things so positively, yet be so honest is wonderful. You are such an encouragement to others, Cindy.



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