Monday, April 19, 2010

Farewell Middle Child

My husband and I are into adoption! We adopted our children, we have adopted numerous pets and even some of our furniture has been adopted. We LOVE adoption. What we don't love is saying goodbye, but tomorrow we will have to say goodbye to our middle child.

Our oldest son was born in 1981 and our youngest in 1985. Our middle child was born somewhere in between though we don't know the exact date. However we do know that she joined our family in 1984. We treasure all of our children and are thankful that God closed my womb and allowed us to adopt.

I must say that ours does not display the typical middle child syndrome. No, not ours, she knows she is loved and appreciated for who she is. She understands what a blessing she has been in our lives for 26 years and how many times we have individually stood before her and just been in awe of her qualities and provision of joy in our home.

On many nights she has comforted me especially when sadness or lonliness loomed like a dark cloud. It seemed as she grew older, she understood me and was instantly able to meet the longings of my soul. She has become a treasured friend.

It is with great sadness that tomorrow we will close the doors on our relationship one final time as she leaves our home for an unknown future.

Farewell my sweet! You will be missed! AND.........

You will be replaced with one of these:)

Considering A New Refrigerator With Great Joy,


  1. Is that like turning your childs room into a craft room when they leave? Or am I missing a deeper connection between your daughter and the fridge?

    Happy Tuesday my friend!

  2. LOL! As I was reading this post my heart almost broke... but then I read to the end and I laughed out loud!!!! Thanks for the giggle!


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