Saturday, February 27, 2010

Paying It Forward...Barn Style!

Paying It Forward

A term I am sure you have heard many times in recent years.

Doing something for someone ~ just because

Paying for groceries, gas, or lunch for the person behind you ~ just because

Helping a friend ~ just because

Today we had a wonderful opportunity to help out ~ just because

And ~ just because ~ ended up being way more than we could have expected

We showed up at our children's barn

Parents and kids alike

From every walk of life

Just because

We Love Miss Kristin

Just because

We wanted to help

Just because

Some began painting jumping poles

Some helped out in "memorable" ways

Some fixed water lines

and horse drinking fountains

Did you know that all the horses get their

own drinking fountains at Silver Lining

Many ~ like to drive SUV's

Just because

More helped paint jumping poles

Some had to enter the Dad's vs Mom's

Horse challenge and ride their children's horse

As well as wear their child's helmet~~~

This is my brother

Isn't he cute

Just because

Even my hubby got to ride

Just because

And...the Dad's won

That is probably because I fell off my horse...

Well, I didn't fall off

I just dismounted all the way to the ground:)

HaHa...NO Picture of that!

Completed Jumping Poles

Thank you to each and every person who came to Silver Lining today

I am in awe of our fabulous team

You are Wonderful

Hard Workers

And so much fun to hang out with

I enjoyed laughing with some of you

And...having you all laugh at me during my BEAUTIFUL dismount:)


Your team loves you so much

You have loved on our kids, some of them for years,

and never ask anyone to give the way you do

Thank you for being a special part of our families

We hope you enjoy our company

as much as we enjoy yours

I pray that today was a blessing to you

Praying, praying, praying!!!

Considering With GREAT Joy ~ Paying It Forward
Just Because


  1. What a great thing you did :)

    I give you credit for attempting to ride a horse~I am a big chicken!!!

  2. Looks like so much fun! How awesome.

    I'm with the first comment. When it comes to horses, I think I'd rather walk. I'm a scaredy cat! And I was raised on a farm!!

  3. Oh my, Cindy, I just saw your comment. I will be praying for you! You need to go a couple posts back on my blog and get a free meter. I don't know how long that promo will last, and even if they give you one from the dr's office, you really need two just in case. Keep me informed!

  4. How fun and awesome that you got to do that!! Love it!!


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