Sunday, June 28, 2009

Writer's Block~

Though I have never professed to be a writer ~ I am suffering from 'writer's block'.

I love writing and I have enjoyed blogging very much. Somehow though, as the days of summer have heated up (112 yesterday plus humidity), my brain cells must have melted. As I reread about my own donut binge I realized that I must have nothing challenging or purposeful to say.

Therefore, today I will just share a few photos of people and places that have touched my life over the past couple of weeks.

Andrew lives at his place of employment and the kids got a kick out of

playing on some of the tractors.

Swimming with my oldest son, granddaughter and Sally.

My niece was rejoicing in making her own birthday cake.

My friend and employer and I got pedicures while on vacation together.

This is my friend and employer who allowed my hubby and I and our son to vacation with her and her hubby. Here we were on the patio working a puzzle.

At my oldest son's house (trailer) with his Sally, our granddaughter and youngest son.

Hubby and I before we went to the Symphony.

This is one of my favorites. Matthew and Kori walking hand in hand back to
Andrew's house after playing on the 'equipment'.

Yes, I turned off all electronics BUT...I still used my camera:)

Considering time with family, pictures, and writer's block a real joy,


  1. Great pics. I was about to say, looks like someone left the house with two different sandals but you clarified they are on two different people's feet. :-)

  2. I love the picture of you and hubby looking at each other. AWWW love it! Sure have missed you. I hate that you are not coming this way in Aug. Someday:)

  3. I enjoyed the photos. Don't pressure yourself to write. Just say what's on your heart and you'll do well. That's why I enjoy your blog.

  4. Your pedis look great. There is nothing like getting a pedicure! It will cure all that ails ya:) lol!!

  5. I understand about the writer's block. I went through that a while ago too. I enjoyed your photos.

    Thank you so much for the cool Brighton bookmarks. I love them! The little case is too cute. I got them in the mail on Friday along with your sweet note. I checked on a map and we're about 20 to 25 minutes apart; not too bad. We'll have to figure out a good time to meet in person.


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