Saturday, June 6, 2009

Monday's Question on The Lighter Side!

I can't believe it has been a week since I last posted.

I would love to tell you it is because I have spent so much time pondering last week's question with the Lord or that I've been spending hours reading scriptures, praying and seeking answers for my future but in reality it is because I have been working too many hours and when I do finally get home, as late as 11:30 pm, I am just too tired to turn on my computer.

It could be that is how the Lord is going to lower my computer time ~ just make her work her fingers to the bone so she won't want to get on the computer ~ He's funny that way sometimes.

I've been thinking about this week's question for a couple of days. Because last week's question was a bit intense, at least for me, I wanted to lighten up this week, so here it is:

In light of our economic fragility this year, have you made changes in your vacation, summer plans? What are you going to do with the kiddos? Do you have vacation plans?

My husband and I did not travel last year due to the economy and this year, due to the fact that he is no longer working, we will not travel again.

I am trying to think of inexpensive ways to enjoy the weekends or other days that I may take off this summer. I have not taken any time off work in two years and am in need of some R&R.

We do not have young children at home but we do have a 23 year old 'special needs' son who lives with us so we need to keep him in our plans. We also care for our 4 year old granddaughter two nights a week therefore we cannot be gone for any length of time.

Also, due to my husband's illness, he cannot walk far or enjoy things that involve too much physical activity. Hmmmm??? Sounds like we will be staying home:(

Please share your summer plans so I can live vicariously through you:) LOL!!

Considering Vacation Time Joyful,


  1. Yes, the economy is definitely a factor in our plans this year. Thankfully, neither of us have lost our jobs, but we are trying to cut back due to the uncertainity of the economy. We plan to do a few short trips close to home that involves camping and being outdoors. It's time our family taps into the free natural wonders that God has given us.

    Many blessings to you and your family!

  2. Since my husband and I are in the midst of a tech startup, we won't be taking any vacations as far as I know. This economy has impacted us much. There are many venture funds floating around like they used to. :(

    Anyway, sometimes we just enjoy our home and watch DVD movies or simply sit in the backyard with some music. We have a pool and it's rare we go in so maybe if we do that would count as a vacation?

  3. We are crazy and are taking all 3 to Destin, possibly with our best friends. If our friends DO go, we will have 7 kids--1 six year old, 3 five year olds, 1 three year old, and 2 one year olds. Insanity.

  4. No summer plans. I haven't had a vacation for two years since beloved left. Probably won't go again until/unless he returns. I think vacationing and seeing the world without will only inflict my pain...not that I've seen and experienced so much with the Lord already that I desperately want to share.

    Okay so that's a bummer reply.

    We can have a pity party together living in other's vacations.

  5. Dear Father God keep Your arms around my friend Cindy. Remind her who she is in You. Fill her mind and heart with more of Yourself. I pray for great big things to happen in her life! Knowing You will work everything out for her good. We love You Lord-Amen

  6. We won't take a vacation this year partly due to finances and partly due to our son't hectic schedule with driver's ed. and sports camps/practices. My husband will take his time off but we'll stay home. We might do a day trip here and there but that's it, and hubby and son will probably do a camping weekend.

  7. Our vacation is scaled down....thankfully the in-laws have a friend who is letting us use their vacation home....Unfortunately, we have to drive farther! and car trips. I'm thankful that we get to get away though!

    I hope you find ways to relax at home this summer.

  8. Hi!
    My name is Pamela. I found you from over at "Living My Life On Purpose." Your comment on her blog was a blessing to me so I thought I would hop over and check you out!
    I teach children with special needs and was touched by your post about how your son is a factor in your vacation plans. You are so right and I believe with all my heart that God has a special time for your family this year even if it comes while you stay home. He wants to bless you with some sweet surprises. Look for those they may not be big they may be very subtle but He has many waiting for you and your family.


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