Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Said I NEVER Would:)

I said I would never do this!

I promised I would never do this!

I cannot believe I did this!

I am officially old enough to live in a retirement community.

The only problem is ~~~ my budget forgot to read the memo!

Have a Joy~Filled Day:)


  1. We just mailed in an application for DJ's AARP. hmmm....

  2. I'm in the same club as you are. In fact, they keep sending me literature but I've yet to sign up. Hmm ...maybe I need to reconsider and be in good company!

    I love that we live close enough to get together one of these days. My friend Marlene (in the pic with Luci Swindoll) said Lee is a wonderful person too. The three of us should find a date to do lunch.

  3. Someone forgot to tell my body that I didn't want to be this old and have creeky bones! When I hit the 60 this year man o man, then I thought its better than the alternative! (smile)

  4. No really I DO need your organization skills...see its the Engineer who is organized...NOT me! I am more of the "creative messy piles" type...hehe!

    Hey...take advantage of all the perks in have earned it!

  5. O man, we're thinking about it too! I've been resisting since the stuff started coming in the mail. In fact I was outright insulted when the first one came...but....

  6. Well you look like a spring chicken!!

    You should see some of the old crotchety coots that live at my mom's active adult community....actively being crotchety! :)

  7. Awww...Well I can see how you wouldn't remember everytime you looked in the look much younger!!

  8. You are STILL young... 50 is the old 40! Don't forget!
    Angie xoxoxoxoxoxo


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