Tuesday, October 23, 2018

This Eve

As I write on the eve of what will be
The beginning of my 7th decade on this earth
I ponder 60 years of life

Grateful is a word that is 
Prevalent on my lips
So many wonderful memories tucked
Away in my heart

Treasured are 30 years of marriage
To a man who loved me well
Though he is missed daily
I treasure the gift of his presence

Adoption: another treasured word
Not only has God blessed my life
With two amazing sons through adoption
His love for us means we are 
Adopted into His forever family
How amazing is that

Family, more precious than jewels
So many that God has placed in my life
Grateful for each and every one
I wear their love around my neck with honor

Friendships, both far and near
Grateful cannot suffice in depth of those 
Whose love and faithful understanding
Have truly saved my life at times

Work/Jobs have afforded me opportunities
To live a life of comfort
But more importantly, they have blessed
My life with community and courage

The House of God
Feast or Famine, no matter the season
I believe that God's House is a Great and Mighty
Place of peace, rest and maturing

Seasons, dry, hard, dark at times
Joy-Filled as well
Yet, in all of them there are
Treasured moments of Increase and Change

Oh change, always abundant in life
Never shall our lives remain in stale vapidity
Change is ever present
This year has been no different

More so than in previous years
Both children have moved away
As have my DIL and granddaughters
Leaving my home empty and devoid of warmth

A brother and his family 
A momma also following suit
Gone to new adventures
But not forgotten

A business lost to rising rents
Those friends dispersed into varied locations
Change, oh crazy change
 I have saved the next for tomorrow

Another change, another life decision
Adventure or Stagnation

Where will God lead?
Will my will bow to His 
Can I let go of comfort, of contentment
To allow HIS plan to unfold?

Change, oh crazy change
Where will this 7th decade take me?

No matter where it leads my prayer is that, YOU
My faithful friends
Will continue to watch God move 
And join me on my next adventure!!


  1. Life seems to have many changes and alterations to it. I have my dearest friend in my life for 50 years now! She is a constant. We see each other a few days each month. I also lost my husband after 38 years together and miss him so. After 5 years alone I finally had a new love enter my life and we have been seeing each other for 2 years now. There are always surprises, some happy and some sad. I am thankful to be living.

  2. Cindy, I have to tell you, you are one strong woman. You have been through so much in your 70 years. It's good to always have God right there...praying and prayers have helped me thru some of my roughest times. Wishing you many more years, but maybe some softer times. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Precious, heartfelt post Cindy. I will pray for you dear lady. Though we do not know what tomorrow holds I praise Him that we do know WHO holds tomorrow! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. I have tears flowing as I read this Cindy because I know how much all of this means to you. You are facing your sadness and fears and embracing Joy when you can. You are strong and have already survived one of the more heart wrenching parts of life to lose your beautiful husband. That kind of loss is devastating and you have been able to navigate it. Navigating loss is the hardest part but you have kept your faith through it all. You are such a strength to those that read your blog and are present in your life. You show how even when you feel you cannot take another breath from the pain you force yourself to move through it with God's help. Very touched by your post.

  5. Well said! Continue on the path and God will guide you! Happy Birthday and big hugs!

  6. Oh dearest Cindy ~ this post truly blessed my heart! You sound more positive and I wish you a joyful birthday.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  7. Yes, life is ever-changing and nothing can ever stop that...as if we would really want that anyway. This is truly a beautifully written, heartfelt post, Cindy. And Happy Birthday!

  8. There is just something about that 7th decade, isn't there? It kind of makes you sit up and take notice and think..NOW WHAT? What am I going to do, how will I serve and live, with the remainder of good years I have. Right there with you!

    Happy Birthday to you- I hope this next year is one of pure joy for you..and the changes are all good ones that you welcome. xo Diana

  9. Happy Birthday, Cindy. May you have many more wonderful happy and healthy years to come. God bless you.

  10. Oh I love this post! We all ponder the things of God when it is our turn to just listen and obey. It is so hard! I feel your heart here....hugs sent your way.


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