Monday, May 30, 2016

Weekend Warrior

Hi Sweet Friends

I didn't exactly mean to take a blog break
But I've been sick and
Just didn't have the energy to blog at night

I'm hopefully on the mend
But now my little man cub is sick - Yuck!!

It seemed that on Thursday
When I had the pleasure
Of hanging out with all three of my K's
They didn't really enjoy their swimming adventure

The pool has been empty for a month or two
It wasn't really my plan
But getting sick wasn't really my plan either

What bit of energy I have had
Has gone to cleaning and maintenance work
On all of the pool equipment

Which included replacing a few of the
In ground cleaning jets

Sweeping and Vacuuming the bottom of the pool

Dodging water jets
While making sure every bit of dirt
Sand, rocks and leaves were OUT

Then, before I could fill the pool
I needed to replace the hose nozzle
It was so very old and worn
That I ended up soaked when I just
Wanted to water a few plants

It was fairly simple
And I'm glad it is done
No more spraying myself in the face

One more thing I needed to get done
I'll spare you all of the ugly details

It took longer than I had hoped
I guess I was more than tired
But it is done as well
And for that
I am Grateful

I Truly wanted to enjoy THIS today

It was great to have the kids and grands
Over for a few hours to

Hard Word definitely
Deserves PLAY

I do pray you have enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend
Even in the midst of work and play
It has been my honor to take time
To stop and pray
To thank and remember
Those who have selflessly
Risked and Given their lives
For our freedom
May we Never Forget the Sacrifices so many have given



  1. Cindy, Sorry you are feeling yourself. Looks like you had quite a bit of work to get things ready. Looks more fun once it's done. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. That is a whole lot of hard work. Especially when you aren't feeling yourself. Looks like you had a good time though.

  3. Dear Cindy ~ Sorry to read that you are not well. Hope you are feeling much better with each new day.

    You did a lot to get the pool and toilet ready for guests. Plus your garden hose. Bless your heart.

    Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

  4. Dear Cindy, So sorry the read you had not been feeling good. I pray you are on the mend now. You sure deserve a little rest from all the work you've been doing. So glad you enjoyed the kids over the holiday and the pool looks beautiful. Always keep you in prayers.
    Love and Blessings. xo

  5. Sorry you've been ill and so have i and doesn't seem to want to go away! You did work hard but it paid off to have a fun days playing with the family!

  6. At my age, if I had a pool I would hire a pool man (preferably handsome!).

  7. I wish I had my own private pool. We have one in the subdivision, but it would be better if it was in my own backyard! It looks like it was a lot of work to get yours up and running for the summer, but well worth it. Sorry that you've been sick. I hope that you're feeling better now.

  8. Wow Cindy, good for you getting the pool all ready. That is a big job, I'm sure! Not that I have a pool to know. lol! Glad you got to enjoy the rewards of all your hard work!

  9. What a handy woman you are. i can't fix anything
    I can create and play with junk but can't fix anything broken haha

  10. Whoa, Cindy. I admire you so much. I just know that I wouldn't be able to do all the things you do. You deserve to enjoy that pool now. You have paid your dues and hope you are feeling better..xxo Judy

  11. Wow! I am impressed with your handyness, Cindy! Good job! You deserve a break, and fun with the kids! I'm glad you are feeling better.
    Have a great weekend, sweet friend.


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