Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sea Glass and A *Winner*

Hello Sweet Friends

I hope you have enjoyed a Beautiful Weekend
And all the Blessing of Family and Friends

I mentioned last month that I was on the hunt
For Sea Glass
I had received a piece from a friend of a friend
Who lives on The Islands
And sent a special little piece of sea glass to me

It started my little obsession with sea glass
I guess because it reminds me so much
Of my childhood, living so close to the beach

I had a couple of blog friends
Who said they would send me pieces of sea glass

Friday I received a Very Special Package from
Valery Anne in Hampshire England

Valery Anne and I shared a few emails
She said she had many pieces of sea glass
And she wanted to share a few with me

Oh My
Was I surprised when this beautifully
Hand Created Box came filled with
Gorgeous pieces of sea glass and a few miniature shells

Not only did Valery Anne Bless me
With a wonderful assortment of Sea Glass
She also made the adorable box to keep it safe
While being shipped across the pond

Valery Ann Blogs at Valery Anne Designs

She is very creative and talented
I am So Very Grateful for the Blessing of this
Beautiful Assortment of Sea Glass and Shells
They will be kept on display in my Beachy Office

And Now
The Winner of my 8 ~ 800 ~ GiveAway

Noreen who blogs at Life Blessings

Noreen has become a dear blogging friend
And it seems only fitting that she would be announced
As the winner on the day I posted about Sea Glass
Because it was her friend who sent me my
Very first piece from Hawaii

Noreen, Congratulations
I'll have your package in the mail on Monday!

If you have a few spare pieces of Sea Glass
They sure would have a great new home with me

May you have a week Blessed
With JOY!!


  1. I am waiting to see how you create a display for the seaglass you have and will be receiving!

  2. What a lovely gift of sea glass!

    Congrats to Noreen for being the winner of your give away.


  3. What a nice gift box of sea glass!
    Congratulations to Noreen...winner of your give away!
    Have a great week, Cindy.

  4. I'm glad the seaglass has arrived and you like the box that I made for it too. Congratulations on your 8th yr blogging and to Noreen your winner. Hugs ValeryAnne.

  5. Hi Cindy, what beautiful seaglass, I love the color and what an amazing gift. They will be special in your beachy studio.
    Congrats to your 8th year of blogging winner and congrats to you. Blessings for many more fun years of blogging ahead.
    Hugs for a great new week. xo

  6. Oh I love this post. How wonderful for you to get such a special box of sea glass. Love it. I know that sweet Noreen ...she is a nice lady,, so good she won your give away. Hugs to all, Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  7. How nice of your friend to send you some beautiful sea glass! I love how it looks filling a glass bowl.

  8. Very kind and sweet that she sent you sea glass in the pretty box! Your collection is growing! Congrat's to the winner.

  9. Love you my friend! I love the box with all the beautiful sea glass!

  10. So beautiful! Congratulations to the winner. xoxo Su

  11. Cindy, I'm so happy that she sent you the beautiful box of sea glass. Do you know that I've never even seen any in person!

    Just wanted you to know that I received the darling little garden fairy today. She's precious and she went straight into my fairy garden. I'll be showing her off soon. ♥

  12. Have a wonderful and blessed weekend.

    So sweet about your friend sending sea glass from all the way across the big pond! : - )


  13. Beautiful sea glass. Hugs and good thoughts for a great week end.


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